In the Kitchen: Virtual Food & Drink Events & Classes
In the Kitchen: Virtual Food & Drink Events & Classes
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Skip the takeout and spend some time in your own kitchen with the help of online cooking and mixology classes, tastings, and talks for every taste. Eventbrite’s experts have gathered virtual events where you can learn how to bake, mix cocktails, and expand your culinary knowledge.
In the Kitchen: Virtual Food & Drink Events & Classes
In the Kitchen: Virtual Food & Drink Events & Classes
In the Kitchen: Virtual Food & Drink Events & Classes
In the Kitchen: Virtual Food & Drink Events & Classes
Collection by Eventbrite
Skip the takeout and spend some time in your own kitchen with the help of online cooking and mixology classes, tastings, and talks for every taste. Eventbrite’s experts have gathered virtual events where you can learn how to bake, mix cocktails, and expand your culinary knowledge.
Skip the takeout and spend some time in your own kitchen with the help of online cooking and mixology classes, tastings, and talks for every taste. Eventbrite’s experts have gathered virtual events where you can learn how to bake, mix cocktails, and expand your culinary knowledge.

Mariah Gladstone leads this course covering the Indigenous culinary traditions of North America (or Turtle Island, as the continent is referred to by some Indigenous peoples). Each of the four sessions covers a different season, exploring recipes and agricultural practices.

Bakers of all skill levels are welcome at this virtual class, which covers the basics of sourdough bread making. That includes tips for how to care for your starter, form your dough, watch your rise time, and, of course, enjoy indulgently.

In this real-time Haitian cooking class, learn to cook delicious cuisine and master techniques passed down through generations. Diri Djon Djon (Dried Black Mushroom) shrimp with red sauce is on the menu.

How should you cut cucumber for your California roll? What kind of rice should you use in sushi? Satisfy your sushi curiosity — plus pick up some slicing and rolling skills — in this online class, specially tailored for beginners.

Tune into this Wednesday workshop for a different soul-nourishing recipe each week, including this one: homemade biscuits and gravy.

Odette Williams, chef and author of the newly released "Simple Pasta," makes three variations of gnocchi: classic potato, fried, and topped with pomodoro sauce. She'll share tips and techniques that yield perfect gnocchi, including picking the proper potato.

The classic "Gerbet" or Paris Macaron is a light French meringue-based almond sandwich cookie. In this fun and interactive class, you will learn the art of making these delectable treats.

Enjoy a virtual cooking class on one of Morocco's most prized plates: tagine, named for the earthenware pot it's cooked in. This family-style recipe features carrots and potatoes, and those looking for added flavor can dial it up with cayenne or harissa.

Whether you’re new to plant-based cooking or a veteran of making vegan kitchen magic, join this class to get plenty of time-saving tips for making tasty, healthy food that your whole family will enjoy.

Learn the art of crafting the perfect dosa — a crispy crepe-like pancake made with mixed rice and lentils that's a common part of Indian cuisine. You'll make a traditional dosa and add some toppings, from spiced potatoes to arugula and mushroom.

Chef Lula Moges, author of “Enebla: Recipes from an Ethiopian Kitchen,” teaches you how to master a recipe for doro wot, a slow-cooked spicy chicken stew, accompanied by ayib, a soft cheese that you'll make from scratch using buttermilk and vinegar.

Celebrate, investigate, and cook beans in this class that celebrates a pantry staple. You’ll learn how to make a perfect pot of beans, a Turkish white bean salad, and roasted broccolini and chickpea salad with tahini-lemon dressing.

Gather your ingredients and learn to make a classic Italian-inspired prawn linguine that's bursting with flavor and perfect for a weeknight meal or a dinner with company.

Marion Nestle talks about her new memoir "Slow Cooked: An Unexpected Life in Food Politics," covering her career fighting for healthier and more sustainable diets and helping to pioneer the field of food studies.

Celebrate autumn by learning to bake seasonally-inspired miso maple apple puff pastries, with guidance from recipe developer Carolina Gelen. You'll be able to cook-along, ask questions, and get tips about baking for the holidays.

Milk Street's editorial director J.M. Hirsch demonstrates how to make a seasonal cocktail menu, which features several fall-inspired riffs inspired by apple pie, pumpkin spice lattes, and buttered rum.

Enjoy an epic culinary match in this virtual class, in which chef (and sommelier) Michele guides guests in making, filling, and frying pierogies before learning about the best ways to pair them (hint: have some pilsner nearby).

Learn to cook three dishes: Chicken Biryani, Channa Masala and an accompanying Raita, which will all showcase how to use spices for flavor with chef Monisha.

Tune in to this class and learn how to make a perennially crowd-pleasing dessert: tiramisu. You'll learn the process behind classic Italian finale, preparing coffee-dipped Ladyfingers and a whipped mixture of mascarpone cheese, eggs, and sugar.

Pumpkin goes savory with this online class, which guides guests through the recipe for a hearty Moroccan chicken pumpkin stew. Plus, everyone who attends will be entered to receive a $100 self-care prize.

Chetna Makan leads this baking workshop, which takes holiday favorites packed with spices like star anise and coriander. You'll learn recipes for the upside-down French dessert pear tarte tatin as well as an Indian-inspired yeasted yogurt bread stuffed with yellow lentils.

If you're intimidated by pie but love to dig in, try your hand at simpler but equally delicious desserts like Italian crostata and French galette. You'll perfect the pastry dough for a fruity galette and then bake a chocolate-hazelnut crostata from scratch.

Join Chef Jason in his NYC kitchen to make your own from-scratch bao buns and all of the fixings, including dough, filling, and dipping sauce (from sriracha to maple syrup).

Prepare a Diwali with the help of chef Nidhi Verma, who guides attendees through a recipe for chicken biryani made with saffron-infused rice and sweet caramelized onion. You'll also make a cucumber yogurt sauce and a chopped kachumber salad.

Wine expert Tom Surgey hosts this virtual, covering the best wines from Portugal to warm your body and soul this winter. You'll learn about the rich diversity of wine styles being made in the country by a variety of producers — plus, key tasting notes!

If you want to make dumplings from scratch, this class is for you. Get a primer on all things dumpling, from five different hand-folding techniques to how to pan-sear your creations like a pro.

Kick off the weekend by making (and enjoying) two Japanese desserts: mochi ice cream and a tiered matcha cake.

Gather around the stove — and the screen — for this online class, in which a pro will guide you through fall-forward recipes for pumpkin broccoli cheddar soup (in a bread bowl!), red wine poached pears, and an apple cider mimosa.

Pumpkin pie season is here, and chef Jen is ready to show you how to create an ultra-flaky crust, a decadent filling, and homemade whipped cream to top it off. You'll just need to prepare and chill your pie dough before class so that it's ready to roll, fill, and bake.

Fine-tune one of France's beloved desserts in this virtual class. An instructor guides participants through building a macaron, including how to pipe, bake, and assemble the candy-colored cookies. You'll also learn about fillings, from buttercream to berry jam.

Diwali is a wonderful time to prepare simple, delicious Indian food. In this class, you'll learn how to cook chana masala (chickpeas and gravy) , jeera and turmeric rice, and kachumber salad — plus a refreshing mango lassi drink.

A bento box is a traditional Japanese lunchbox packed with an assortment of beautifully presented, well-balanced dishes. Join this class and construct your own bento, with recipes for karaage (marinated and fried chicken), sweet potato rice, and seasonal veggies.

Learn how to make the ultimate stir fry with chef and food writer J. Kenji López-Alt, who leads this virtual class. You'll learn how to choose the right pan before covering an array to quick recipes, including perfectly-cooked garlic shrimp as well as a veggie and egg fried rice.

Chef Ji Hye Kim leads this exploration of the three Korean mother sauces: ganjang (soy sauce), gochujang (fermented chili paste) and doenjang (soy paste). You'll learn how to incorporate the sauces in recipes for dishes like skirt steak, steamed vegetables, and a vegetarian soup.

Meryl Feinstein — a professional pastaia and founder of Pasta Social Club — guides this intimate virtual workshop, in which she showcase techniques for making stuffed pastas from scratch, including often-overlooked noodles like scarpinocc and caramelle.

Chef Illyanna Maisonet, author of the new cookbook "Diasporican," teaches this class exploring the culinary traditions of Puerto Rico. You'll learn how to make a sofrito salsa and a hearty carne guisada stew — plus, you'll prepare the sazón spice blend.

Get your buzz on with this online class, an overview in everyday at-home espresso.

Elevate your empanada game in this virtual class, which shows attendees how to master the savory pastry. You'll make a flaky crust, learn the braided seal, cook flavor-packed filling, and mix up a memorable dipping sauce.

Round up the family for this virtual class, in which a chef guides guests through the process of making delicious pumpkin pancakes that are perfect for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or a fall weekend brunch.

Tune into an afternoon of baking with this virtual class, where chef Michele show you how to make your very own from-scratch profiteroles. Craft the choux (the same pastry used for eclairs, gougères, and beignets), and while it cools, learn how to fill your cream puffs.

Learn to make two classic Japanese noodle dishes from scratch, using either chicken or tofu. You'll learn recipes for abura soba using all purpose flour and hoto nabe, a flat soba noodle dish in a fragrant miso broth.

Dive into autumn with this online class, where you'll learn how to make an apple pie that smells better than your candles. You'll start by creating the extra-flaky pie crust (using a secret recipe), then you'll prepare the filling, bake it, and wait for it to cool down.

Realize your potential in the kitchen with chef Andy Baraghani, who guides participants through a recipe for ricotta-stuffed jumbo pasta shells. You'll also learn gain confidence in your culinary skills by learning how to personalize this dish on the fly.

Explore an array of autumn ingredients traditionally used by Indigenous people and learn how to turn them into delicious meals, drinks, and even medicines. This chef-led class also covers the sustainability and environmental impact of these foods.

As the holiday season approaches, join this class to learn how to bake a luscious gingerbread layer cake. You'll also cover the recipe for a fluffy frosting and discuss decorating options with pastry chef Ann LoParo.

Cookbook author and pastry chef Camilla Wynne guides this tutorial for making candied fruit and citrus peel. You'll learn tips and tricks for candying different fruits, along with how to store, serve, and repurpose them.

Spend a Sunday afternoon in the company of a professional baker, who will help you make one of the weekend's most prized eats: cinnamon rolls. You'll have time to shop for ingredients and prepare your kitchen before joining the class via Zoom.

Learn party-ready recipes that will blow your guests away during this virtual class this Yasmin Fahr, who discusses her book “Boards and Spreads" while sharing recipes for a charred salad with chickpeas as well as chili with quick-pickled jalapeños.

According to chef Matt Card, your Thanksgiving meal really only needs two crowd-pleasing sides. You'll learn the recipes for celery and frisée salad as well as Turkish mashed potatoes with garlic, yogurt, and cheese during this helpful, pre-holiday class.

King Arthur Baking Co. baker Kristen Suzuki hosts this ode to all things puff pastry-related. You'll learn more about correct measurements techniques, the importance of using cold butter, and how to tackle "turns" to maximize flakiness before rolling and cutting your dough.

Author and European baking expert Irina Georgescu leads this class, teachesing two sweet recipes from her homeland of Romania that showcase fall flavors. You'll learn how to make plăcintă cu dovleac (pumpkin phyllo pies) and minciunele (rum-glazed sour cream doughnuts).

There's perhaps nothing more autumnal than the classic apple pie. You'll learn how to bake your own in this class, beginning with a from-scratch crust and a flavorful filling. Be careful not leave one of these pies cooling on your windowsill for too long!

"The Joy of Chocolate" author Paul Young leads this class, offering tips on how to find the best quality chocolate — and how to use it in recipes for decadent treats like a chocolate truffle torte and triple chocolate sandwich cookies.

Chef Naomi Duguid leads this online class, which focuses on the versatility (and necessity) of salt. Learn a handful of recipes highlighting the kitchen staple, including Nova Scotian salted scallions and Brussels sprouts and potatoes sautéed with salt pork or pancetta.

Judith McLoughlin, author of "A Return to Ireland: A Culinary Journey from Ireland to America," celebrates the flavors and ingredients of Ireland during this class. You'll learn to make a boxty cake (potato pancakes), creamy whiskey shallot chicken, and cheddar crisps.

Guest chef Claire Saffitz, author of "Dessert Person" and "What’s For Dessert," teaches the recipe for her sticky pumpkin-chestnut gingerbread. You'll learn more about the power of ginger in holiday baking as well as the reliable flavor combo of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves.

This two-day class covers everything you need to know about baking flaky croissants. With the guidance of a pastry chef, you'll learn how to make and shape the dough, the proper method for butter incorporation, and the optimal bake time.

Join this demo and bake-along class spotlighting Plätzchen, the beloved holiday cookies found throughout Europe. You'll roll and bake treats, craft gift boxes, and learn more about holiday traditions — including Advents-Kaffeetrinken, a German coffee and tea ceremony.

Whip up some vegan, gluten-free treats by way of this online tutorial that focuses on a memorable meal finale: mochi and chocolate truffles. You'll also learn some kitchen hacks that keep these treats gluten-free, sugar-free, devoid of dairy, and vegan-friendly.

Learn how to craft some exciting new renditions of chocolate in this class, which guides guests in how to make Chocolate Olive Oil Cake and Chocolate Prune and Rum Cake.