Whether you’re promoting livestreams or virtual wine tastings, the paid social marketing for your events plays a crucial role in how many tickets you sell. Filling those seats takes time, energy, and dollars — all precious commodities. Want this to be the year you start selling more tickets without breaking a sweat? Yep, we want that too. 

Take your event marketing to the next level 

Paid Social Ads, powered by ToneDen, is an automated social marketing platform helping you reach more buyers and sell more tickets across Facebook and Instagram with less work. It’s the fastest way to create and manage ad campaigns right from your Eventbrite account. 

  • Create ad campaigns in minutes. Create sophisticated ad campaigns in just a few minutes with a creator-friendly interface that keeps things simple and straightforward. Spend less time in Ads Manager: focus more on what you do best.paid social
  • Smarter target audiences. Paid Social Ads’ Audience Builder makes sure your ads get in front of the people most likely to attend your event in a few clicks. Target people who: visited or engaged with your Facebook Page & Instagram Profile, engaged with your Facebook Events, visited your ticketing pages, subscribed to your mailing list, and more.
  • Increase your sales, extend your budget. Our technology ensures your budget is spent on the campaigns driving the most engagement, clicks, and ticket sales. Paid Social Ads auto-shuffle your budget every 12 hours to make sure you’re spending your ad dollars on the campaigns that will give you the best return on investment.
  • Learn from our Playbooks. These expertly crafted event strategies make sure you’re covered across your entire event marketing lifecycle from pre-sale to close-out–and beyond.

Get started with Paid Social Ads.

For everything else you need to create a well-rounded marketing plan for events, check out Eventbrite’s Ultimate Marketing Guide.

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