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Gear Up for the Next Campaign Cycle!

The upcoming State of the Union (SOTU) address provides a great opportunity to jumpstart your organizing and fundraising efforts for whatever campaign you’re working on in 2013, regardless of which political camp you’re in.

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Political Events: A Look at the Numbers

In the past nine months, over 7,000 campaign events - everything from school board fundraisers to presidential rallies - have been managed on Eventbrite. Join us as we take a look at the numbers!


Red States, Blue States, Orange States

This election, technology is playing a huge role in the campaigns. Candidates are leveraging sophisticated online technologies to rally their supporters online and off, and our BritePolitics team is here to help.

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Webinar: Political events: Using social...

Facebook and Eventbrite are partnering together to present to you a guideline for successful political events.  From debates to viewing parties, to rallies or fundraisers, social media should be a key component to driving the success of your...