To stand out in an event-goer’s Facebook or Instagram feed, your event ads need to be concise and compelling. You need to build the story of your event — all in one snappy sentence and an eye-catching image.

When you’re hosting multiple events a month, you don’t have time to start from scratch. Instead, use these 15 social media ad copy templates written by the experts at Eventbrite Boost, our all-in-one social marketing platform. Just fill in the blanks with your event details, match the copy to the most effective visual, and start selling.

Drive awareness before tickets and registrations go on sale

Use these templates when: You’re raising awareness of your event to make a splash when you do go on sale

Direct event-goers to your call-to-action: Mark “Interested” on your Facebook Event, check out your event website, or subscribe to your email or Facebook Messenger list for a reminder to buy

Catch event-goer’s eyes with these visuals: A video compilation or photos from past events

Use this copy

Not sure what to write to snag the interest of your attendees? Try one of these copy templates.

  1. You heard it here first: Set your calendars for [date] to get your tickets to [event name].
  2. Ready to [dance your heart out/tap into your inner artist/learn everything you need to know]? Tickets on sale next week!
  3. Dance and dine with us this [month or season of event]! Tickets to [name of event] on sale soon.

Pro tip: Email is one of the most effective marketing channels, so don’t miss out on a chance to tell your email list about your upcoming sales. Connect with your email list through Eventbrite by linking your account with Mailchimp, and track your results with ease. 

Boost ticket sales and registrations around your on-sale launch

Use these templates when: You’ve just published your event page and ticket sales have launched

Catch event-goer’s eyes with these visuals: A video compilation or photos from past events

Direct event-goers to your call-to-action: Buy tickets or register

Use this copy

  1. Registration is now open for [name of event]! Register today for the [hottest, smartest, and most fun] event of the season.
  2. Get ready to [action statement that pertains to your event: dance your face off, learn from the smartest people in the business, eat all the best things…] The [xx]th annual [name of event] is back. Come visit [location] — buy your tickets now!
  3. Join [describe types of performers, speakers, or experts] and enjoy [highlight something else attendees can do at your event] at [name of event]! Tickets on sale now.

Pro tip: In the examples above, most ads link to your event ticketing page. But if you create your event on Eventbrite and publish to Facebook, fans can automatically buy tickets right from their mobile Facebook app. This way, they don’t even have to leave the app to buy once they click on your ad.

Turn “Interested” into “Going” with your lineup

Use these templates when: You’ve announced your speakers, performers, artists, or food and drink lineup for your event

Catch event-goer’s eyes with these visuals: A carousel of photos or videos of your lineup guests, a photo of your full lineup flyer

Direct event-goers to your call-to-action: Buy tickets or register

Use this copy

  1. The lineup is here 🎤Grab your tickets now to see [headlining performers]
  2. We’re beyond excited to have [name of performer, speaker, or special guest] back at [event name] this year. Register now.
  3. What could possibly make [name of event] even better? [Name of special guest, micro-event, or type of food]!

Pro tip: If you are announcing your lineup on Instagram Stories or on the Instagram feed, make sure to connect your Instagram account with Eventbrite so that potential attendees who are drawn in by your awesome visuals can easily buy tickets without ever leaving the Instagram app. 

Create urgency with special offers and expiring options

Use these templates when: Your ticket or registration prices are about to go up, or you’re offering limited-time discounts to drive urgency

Catch event-goer’s eyes with these visuals: Photos and videos from your last event

Direct event-goers to your call-to-action: Buy tickets or register

Use this copy

  1. We’ve extended our pre-sale! You’ve got 48 hours to take advantage of early bird tickets to [name of event]. 
  2. Prices go up at midnight. Grab your early bird tickets to [name of event] before it’s too late!
  3. Only 50 early bird tickets left! Grab yours before the price goes up.

Pro tip: A/B test your ads to help you compare their performances and hone your ad messaging over time. You can set up these tests manually, or use Eventbrite’s integration app with ToneDen to automatically test ads and lean into your most successful campaigns. 

Grab last-minute decision-makers

Use these templates when: It’s a week before the event, and you need to get those on-the-fence event-goers to commit — now

Catch event-goer’s eyes with these visuals: A countdown or meme about spending Friday night alone

Direct event-goers to your call-to-action: Buy tickets or register

Use this copy

  1. Your options for this weekend: 1) Grab one of the last tickets to [Event name], or 2) Sit at home with FOMO. The choice is yours 🤷‍♀️
  2. The countdown is on: [xx] days left until [name of event]. Do you have your tickets?
  3. Surprise guest alert: Grab your tickets now and find out what [celebrity chef/performer/speaker] will make an appearance

Pro tip: If you plan ahead, you can organize your payout schedule with Eventbrite to get paid weekly, monthly, or after your event ends. With this flexibility, you can use your payouts to invest in current or future events without worrying about going over budget. Learn more here. 

Put your templates into action

Ready to watch your social media accounts do the work for you? Eventbrite Boost is the all-in-one-marketing platform designed for event creators. Whether you’re connecting people in-person or virtually, for poetry readings or mariachi lessons, cook-alongs or concerts, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Eventbrite Boost makes it easy to reach new people, engage your fans and followers, and grow your attendance — directly from your Eventbrite account.

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