Since the beginning of worldwide shelter in place orders due to coronavirus (COVID-19), we’ve admired the global event marketing community’s heart and ingenuity. Whether you promote multi-day festivals, cozy club shows, or yoga workshops, no event has been untouched during this crisis.

The invisible army of industry professionals that make your favorite concerts and events a reality are facing new challenges. Bartenders, security, janitorial staff, kitchen staff, box office, sound engineers, lighting technicians, production staff: This legion of behind-the-scenes heroes needs our compassion and support. Fortunately, many of our customers are turning to fundraisers, asking the general public for help — specifically through GoFundMe. 

To aid our creators, we’re excited to announce a new, free Playbook that helps you find the right donors for your GoFundMe Pages at the lowest marketing budget possible: $1/day.

This GoFundMe Playbook helps you find the right donors for your GoFundMe Pages — the people you count as your most loyal customers. Tracking the campaign’s results is easy with the reporting dashboard and takes just minutes to set-up. 

Fundraising Powerhouse

To test this Playbook’s power, we linked up with Antone’s Nightclub in Texas, an Eventbrite customer currently running a GoFundMe campaign.

Antone’s Nightclub was set to celebrate their 45th Anniversary on July 15th, but had to suspend operations in the wake of COVID-19. After explaining the concept, they were eager to try spending $1/day to see if we could help increase donations.

Within 48 hours, they’d added nearly $1,000 in donations by targeting a Grouped Remarketing Audience while spending $1/day.

The Grouped Remarketing Audience is a simple way to target the fans who are most likely to donate to your GoFundMe. In normal times, these are also the fans who are most likely to buy tickets to your events. This audience includes:

  • People who have engaged with your Facebook Page in the past 365 days
  • People who have engaged with your Instagram Page in the past 365 days
  • People who have visited a web property with your Facebook pixel in the past 180 days
  • Your email list or past ticket buyers (assuming this list has already been uploaded to Facebook)

By pairing the right targeting provided by the Grouped Remarketing Audience with a heartfelt message to fans asking for their support, Antone’s Nightclub is now almost halfway to their goal of $45,000. Check out a list of music creators currently running GoFundMe campaigns here.

What is Paid Social Ads?

The Paid Social Ads app, formerly known as the ToneDen app, is the fastest way to create Facebook, Instagram, and Google AdWords ad campaigns right from your Eventbrite account. With dynamic audience targeting, the app takes the guesswork out of finding the right buyers so you can ensure every dollar spent is helping you grow your community.

Try it out: To learn more or set-up your free GoFundMe Playbook, click here.

For best practices on how to create an effective fundraiser, click here

This blog post was originally published on ToneDen’s blog on March 27, 2020.

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