Today we announced an exciting extension of our partnership with ticketing discovery platform, Goldstar. Goldstar lists affordable tickets for live entertainment–like theatre, concerts, comedy, museums or food tours–for their 10 million members who look to find unique experiences at a great price.

As a part of the new integration, Goldstar creators can leverage Eventbrite’s ticketing and event technology, enjoy a more seamless workflow, and also tap into Eventbrite’s distribution channels–more on that below. Collectively, we are demonstrating that with Eventbrite as a backbone, any company can easily offer ticketing and registration while preserving the user experience and brand equity it has already established.

This is not our first time collaborating on integrations with Goldstar – we built an extension together in 2016 which is found in Eventbrite Spectrum app store. With the initial Goldstar Spectrum integration, Eventbrite creators download a Goldstar extension which enables them to post their events to Goldstar and set up a discounted tickets promotion without ever leaving their Eventbrite dashboard.

Think of this expanded integration as the inverse of the Goldstar Spectrum extension. Eventbrite APIs are extending Goldstar’s capabilities, allowing creators to use Eventbrite’s simple, yet robust event creation and management workflow while also reaching fans via 50 distribution partners, such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram. And, with Goldstar’s well-established concentration of listings, Eventbrite creators benefit from adding events to Goldstar’s inventory as yet another channel for them to reach a wide audience of fans.  

While the work is just the beginning with Goldstar, we’re continuing to unearth other innovative opportunities to help extend our partners’ platforms so they too can build the future of live experiences with Eventbrite. Want to learn more about the benefits that our platform extension will bring to Goldstar events? Check out our press release.