November 5, 2019 – Today, we welcomed David Hanrahan to Eventbrite as Chief Human Resources Officer. In this role, Hanrahan will lead the global human resources team, play a key role in leading organizational culture initiatives, and serve as a key member of the leadership team.

Hanrahan’s career has spanned 18+ years building strong HR teams and fostering a collaborative team culture across global organizations. Hanrahan joins Eventbrite from Niantic where, as VP, People and Places, he was responsible for hiring and developing diverse talent for teams across the company. Prior to this, he served as VP, People at Zendesk, and Director, Human Resources at Twitter where, for both companies, he led scaling of the global people functions during key growth phases. Hanrahan has worked at companies in the technology and media industries including Electronic Arts and Universal Pictures, and mentors human capital start-ups as an advisor with People Tech Partners.

“I’m thrilled to have David join us to lead our global HR and Briteling Experience teams,” said Julia Hartz, Eventbrite co-founder and CEO. “His experience scaling and innovating people teams will be instrumental as we continue building our diversity and inclusion framework, and identify key systems to improve efficiency and employee experience. As a strategic leader of the human resources team, Hanrahan will focus on doing things with and for all Eventbrite employees, to set them up for success and deliver on our business goals. ” 

“I’m extremely passionate about the people function and I’m excited to collaborate and engage with all of the great “Britelings,”’ said Hanrahan. “My experience working at public and private companies in the technology industry will be instrumental in motivating, developing, and retaining people across the organization, and aligning with Eventbrite’s strategic plan and growth targets.” 

The appointment of Hanrahan underscores the company’s commitment to growth and scale of the enablement platform that empowers event creators in 170 countries to be successful. In 2018, Eventbrite served 795,000 creators, processing 265 million tickets to nearly 4 million events around the world.