It’s pretty much the teenage dream to be able to throw the coolest parties where everyone knows your name and you get to control the dance floor. For Oakland-based DJ and entrepreneur DAGHE, he made his dream into a reality. “I started doing events when I was 16 at a night called Preppy Sensation Ent,” DAGHE explains. “It was a big event for high school kids back in the day and I’ve been doing events ever since.”

His years spent creating spaces for party kids who weren’t old enough to get into clubs yet morphed into a dynamic career that has put him at the center of a whole swathe of enterprises. He is a DJ and part of the More Vibes DJ collective whose skills behind the decks will see him take over a stage at Coachella this year. He’s also an event organizer, clothing designer, and has worked with artists such as P-Lo, G-Eazy, and YBN Cordae

With so many irons in the fire, he must love keeping busy? “I just feel like life is for learning,” DAGHE muses, “and I just want to be a continuous student. I want my story to be written when I’m dead, not now, so I don’t want to stick to any one thing.” To help him manage his many events, DAGHE has found that Evenbrite is the perfect platform to build the audience he wants to see. “Eventbrite has allowed me to capture information of the people who rock with me and the people who support me and now I can directly communicate with them.”

As a Nigerian American, DAGHE often weaves his heritage into the parties he throws and the DJ sets he performs. “People come to my events and they know they’re going to hear hood stuff, they know they’re going to hear the club bangers, but they also know that I’m going to have a moment in the night I’m going to go in on some Nigerian shit because I always want to educate my Black Americans about where they from and what their people listen to.”

To further celebrate and give back to his community, DAGHE has put together an exclusive Black History Month playlist for Eventbrite, full of Black classics to keep the party going. Fela Kuti’s classic protest anthem ‘Zombie’ brushes up against afrobeats star Wizkid, while The Isley Brothers ‘Fight The Power, pts 1&2’ stands tall with Run DMC’s ‘Proud To Be Black’. It’s a selection that DAGHE insists is catered to “getting the party going.”

“It’s a high energy playlist,” DAGHE says. “There are some songs that I wanted to put on the playlist but I didn’t because as much as I knew that it represented Black history and Black people I just didn’t think that the energy matched with the playlist.”

He summarizes his efforts, describing what could be the crux of his career as a multi-hyphen creator, “I feel like my duty is to bring joy and dance so every song on the playlist is a joyful song.”

Check out DAGHE’s Black History Month playlist curated specially for Eventbrite.