The holidays are over and your New Year’s Eve party ticket sales are in a slump. Don’t panic. According to new research from Eventbrite and OnePoll, a majority (56%) of people make activity decisions last minute. That’s especially true for fickle New Year’s Eve partiers.

So how can you woo those undecideds to your party before the clock strikes midnight? By understanding what motivates them to make a decision and using that knowledge to put together a final promotional push across all the right channels.

Here’s your five-day blueprint for winning over last-minute NYE partiers.

December 26: Build the buzz on Facebook

You probably already know that people like enjoying new experiences with their friends, but did you know that 56% of Americans choose to go to an event because a friend is going? Build interest in your Facebook Event so that your event shows up in the feed of attendees’ friends.

Use the steps in this blog to set up your Facebook Event for maximum exposure. Then make sure to connect your Facebook Event with your Eventbrite account so attendees can buy tickets without leaving their app!

December 27: Emphasize the music in your marketing

Different types of events experience last-minute attendance behaviors differently. For example, while 39% of Americans wait until the last minute to plan what they’re doing this weekend, only 13% wait until the last minute for concert tickets.

Motivate people to buy sooner by framing your party as a concert, rave, or music-centric show:

December 28: Make your party the convenient option

Sounds boring, but it makes a lot of sense — the easier it is for someone to attend your party, the more likely they’ll be there. In fact, 55% of Americans say convenience is a top factor for a last-minute purchase.

Here are a few ways to make your party convenient to attend:

  • Offer a Lyft discount code
  • Post about how close you are to public transit and include that info on your page
  • Help people arrange carpools or offer designated drivers for the night

December 29: Create a sense of urgency

Almost half of respondents (43%) plan a night out with friends 1-3 days in advance. Now that you’re just three evenings away, it’s time to hit hard with your marketing. Don’t be afraid to infuse your messaging with urgency to trigger people’s inherent fear of missing out.

Whether on social media or in email marketing, these phrases are sure to inspire FOMO:

  • “Limited seats available”
  • “This is artist’s name only time performing in the area this year!”
  • “Almost sold out” or “Only 25 seats left!”

Tip: Let people know tickets are more expensive at the door, but that there’s still time to buy online at a cheaper price!

December 30: Offer a last-minute discount to on-the-fence buyers

There will be plenty of people without a plan this close to New Year’s Eve. And once you know that 83% of Americans say cost is the #1 factor affecting a last-minute purchase, you can give them an irresistible procrastinator’s discount that will get them off the fence and at your event. After all, 64% say a reasonably priced ticket drives them to attend!

Here’s how to win over those last-last-minute NYE partiers:

  • Make their choice easy by targeting people who’ve viewed your event page but haven’t bought tickets with a discount
  • Set up a discount for the first 100 people to buy tickets after you post

More tips for winning last-minute buyers

New Year’s Eve will be here before you know it. Learn more about last-minute buyers in this quick video, then learn how to use their habits to convince them to buy tickets in How to Get Last-Minute Buyers to Choose Your Event.

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