Independent events are a crucial element to our society. They foster connection and community. They shape the direction of culture and the landscape of cities. As the coronavirus outbreak has ground daily life to a halt with lockdowns and social distancing mandates, small businesses and live event creators are facing significant and unprecedented challenges.

Protecting this vital part of our social fabric will require enormous collective support. We’ve been heartened by the fundraising efforts many of these businesses have organized themselves — in the scrappy, can-do fashion that once allowed them to thrive. But to help them survive this crisis, we need bold, sweeping action from our community.

On Thursday, March 19, Eventbrite CEO, Julia Hartz, sent a letter to the White House and Congressional Leadership urging President Trump to push for recovery funding for the underrepresented small business owners whose livelihoods depend on live events. We’re doing everything we can to advocate for these people who create culture-shifting experiences and everything that goes with them: jobs, community-building, ingenuity, and inspiration.

We need you to help amplify our call for action. Contact your local representatives in Congress (find your House representative here and your senators here) and urge them to provide rapid, substantial, and easily accessible aid for small businesses that depend on in-person gatherings.

With your support, we can help the events industry recover, and once again feel the joy of live experiences. When this crisis is over, we’re going to need them more than ever.

Read Julia Hartz’s letter to the White House below: