Even though we’re living through a global pandemic, people are hungry to connect, and they’re taking to Eventbrite to search for and discover a variety of events each week. We’re always intrigued by what we find. Here’s a look at what consumers across the U.S. are searching for on Eventbrite (between Sept. 18 – Sept. 25):


It should come as no surprise that Halloween takes the top spot as the most popular search term this week. As the holiday approaches, people are turning to Eventbrite for inspiration: 17% of all searches in the U.S. on the platform were related to the spooky season. San Francisco seems to be a Halloween hotspot: 35% of all searches for events in SF were for Halloween parties, Halloween cruise, haunted houses, etc. making it the #1 search locally. Similarly, Oktoberfest ranked #2 in New York and Philadelphia, and came in at #3 in Chicago. 

Unique ways to be social while social distancing

Consumers are looking for creative ways to remain social while following social distancing guidelines. Americans are searching for fun yet safe ways to eat and drink through food trucks, wine and beer tastings, and food festivals. Philadelphia is especially interested in the food and beverage scene, with 10% of all local searches looking for a related event. Another way Americans are gathering outdoors is through car shows, with 6% searching for car and truck expos across the country. 

Stay tuned for what next week will bring! 

Top Searches from Friday, September 18 to Friday, September 25

U.S. Overall

Halloween 17%
Food / Beverage Festivals & Tastings  6%
Car Shows 6%

New York

Halloween 19%
Oktoberfest 17%
Comedy Shows 5%

Los Angeles

Halloween 28%
Trump 6%
Car Show 4%


Halloween 29%
Oktoberfest  9%
Outdoor concert 6%


Halloween 27%
Oktoberfest 13%
Food / Beverage Festivals and Tastings 10%

San Francisco

Halloween 35%
EDM / Silent Disco 11%
Career / Tech Fair 6%

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