Remember middle school, when you tried on different personas? Refining your event’s brand on social media can be a similar process.

As Celeste Mora, Grammarly Social Media Manager, describes it, “Writing premium social copy is all about the emotional connection to the reader. You can use the best hashtags, follow all the trends, and write flawless copy, but if you don’t connect to the root of your followers’ emotions, you won’t succeed.”

Fine-tuning your brand on social media is all about writing compelling copy that taps into your followers’ emotions. Here are five brand personalities that events like yours embody on social media. Find the one that most aligns with your event’s brand voice, and discover the emotions your team can inspire.

“Brands get into trouble trying to create an entirely new personality on social. Social should be a channel for you to deliver and develop your event’s personality — but not to create an entirely new one. That can come off as forced and inauthentic.”
— Christy Huggins, Eventbrite’s Senior Social Media Manager

Personality #1: The Cool Curator

We all have that one friend who’s always in the know — the early adopter of new apps and the person we turn to when we need fresh music recommendations. Everyone wants to hang out with her. We want what she’s got.

The types of things your team will post:

  • Behind-the-scenes and in-the-know details
  • Artist or guest speaker sneak peeks
  • Breaking industry news

The emotion you’re going for:

Excitement, novelty

See it in action:

Newport Folk Festival is the oldest and most well-known folk festival in the U.S. The brand’s social media presence taps into its deep connections with folk superstars new and old.

Personality #2: The Trusted Advisor

When you need advice, you know that this person has done his research, weighed the pros and cons, and possesses innate wisdom. They’re your “expert” friend, and you trust them implicitly.

As an event brand, this persona is a thought leader of its genre. If you’re a rock music festival, you’re the rock music festival. Or if you’re a yoga and mindfulness event brand, you know how to prove your mettle.

The types of things you’ll post:

  • Insight on a theme, not just about your event
  • Friendly advice from well-known personalities
  • “Did you know?” tips

The emotion you’re going for:


See it in action:

The 3% Conference shares career inspiration, articles with expert guidance, and job opportunities on their Twitter page, which has nearly 20,000 followers.

Personality #3: The Feel-Good Friend

Sometimes, we just want to hang out with someone goofy and low-pressure. This is our friend who sees the humor in every situation, and is always up for fun just for the sake of it. If this is your persona, your posts will run the gamut from whimsical to humorous, and will typically use bright colors and short, quippy text.

The types of things you’ll post:

  • Colorful images
  • Whimsical captions
  • Funny GIFs
  • Cool memes
  • Inspirational quotes

The emotion you’re going for:


See it in action:

National pop-up The Museum of Ice Cream consistently uses bright, ice-cream-worthy colors and whimsical themes in its social media posts.

Personality #4: The Tempter

The tempter knows the best bars and most picturesque hiking locations. Whether a foodie, a travel inspirer, or a fashionista, his posts always make you want to splurge on something.

The types of things you’ll post:

  • Gorgeous, high-quality shots of refreshments and libations
  • Images and video of attendees enjoying themselves
  • First looks at new vendors or performers at your next event

The emotion you’re going for:


See it in action:

Eat Drink SF’s social media pages are visual feasts, showcasing the best of San Francisco eats year round — not just when the annual festival approaches.

Personality #5: The Innovator

Your innovator friend is often a tech visionary or an artist. Whatever medium they belong to, one thing is always for sure — they do things their own way.

As a social media persona, the Innovator finds new ways to post and share content. Posts are eye-catching, with a certain spark that makes you want to know more.

The types of things you’ll post:

  • Images and video from new angles
  • Videos capturing unusual situations
  • Think pieces and articles

The emotion you’re going for:


See it in action:

San Francisco Ballet is a legendary ballet company, and its social media presence is equally creative. On Instagram they’ve used individual posts chopped into sections, then pieced back together in the profile like a visual puzzle.

Complete your social media story

Once you’ve got your brand personality nailed down, it’s time to figure out the full story you’re telling on social media. Find out how in Storytelling Sells: Bring Your Event’s Copy to Life on Social Media.

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