Event-goers come to Eventbrite’s event discovery site every day to find things to do. They search by date, price range, place, and category to drill down to experiences just right for them. If your event matches what they’re looking for, it will appear in their search results.

But just because your event comes up does not mean they’ll click on it, let alone sign up. To get wannabe event-goers to zero in on your particular event you have to grab their attention. And that means building an intentional event brand on Eventbrite. 

“Building brand” might sound like hazy ad lingo. But it’s a real thing, and there are some standard tactical steps you can take to accomplish it. It starts with creating a polished organizer profile and compelling event descriptions. Read on to learn how. 

Make your event pages eye-catching 

When you create an event on Eventbrite, you automatically create an event page. Make the most of it with a:

  • Clear and catchy event name
  • Vivid description with an opening line that draws the reader in
  • Picture that’s worth a thousand words

With every phrase you write and image you use, make sure the tone is appropriate for your event: Are you selling fun? Education? Professional expertise? Look and sound the part.

Your event descriptions are direct representations of your event brand. Viewed individually, they should inspire the reader to sign up for specific events. But viewed together, they should tell the story of your overall event brand. And they all link back to your organizer profile, an optional but smart way to provide a single view of all your events.

Create your Eventbrite organizer profile

Your Eventbrite organizer profile is quick place to display all your events at once. You can link to your organizer profile page from any other channel, including social media.

In addition to listing your live and past events, Eventbrite organizer profiles have room for social media icons to link to your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. You can write a brief description of your overall event brand. And you can link to your website.

You can also customize your Eventbrite organizer profile’s color scheme to match the colors of your logo or image. And you can customize the URL to create a snappy web address that will be easy to remember.

Check out the Sierra Music Festival’s Eventbrite organizer profile:

How to Build Your Event’s Brand on Eventbrite

You can toggle from upcoming to past events. You can view a video from a past event in the bottom right. You can see what High Sierra Music Festival is currently talking about on Facebook. And you can choose to follow High Sierra Music Festival on Eventbrite by clicking to Facebook and Twitter via the icons.

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Upscale your event brand’s logo

In the example above, you might notice an important element at the very top of the Eventbrite organizer profile: a brand logo. This is not just a logo for one event, but to unify every event you throw.

A good logo is instantly recognizable — a simple visual symbol for the rich experience your event embodies. It’s a graphic you’ll use again and again on every piece of digital marketing, paper collateral, business communication, and social media representation.

If you don’t have a logo, go get one. Then, add it to your Eventbrite organizer profile.

Encourage people to follow your Eventbrite account

If you frequently organize events, people can follow your profile page to find out when you have something new on the calendar. Each time you launch a new event, they’ll automatically get an email from Eventbrite and a push notification in the Eventbrite app.

Best practice is to use your profile page as your main link from on social media profiles. That way, Instagram and Facebook followers don’t have to jump through hoops to find you on Eventbrite. You can also use your Eventbrite URL in your email signature, on your signage, and anywhere else you can think of to help spread the word.

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Launch your Eventbrite organizer profile today

Wielded well, your Eventbrite organizer profile says you’re serious about the quality of your events and eager to invite new followers into the fold.

Ready to level up on your event branding? To create or tweak your Eventbrite organizer profile, log in to your account.