Most events teams are small but mighty machines: 45% of event teams are made up of 2-5 people. Eat Drink SF is no exception. Their team runs lean, with a lean marketing team that attracts over 8,000 foodies and 120 restaurants to its flagship festival every August.

Now in its tenth year, Eat Drink SF is a highly-anticipated annual event. But growing competition in the food and exhibition space has put pressure on the marketing team to reach a larger audience of event-goers — without an increase in their budget. 

So how has the team stretched their marketing resources to meet these demands? To find out, we sat down with Yuliya Patsay, Eat Drink SF’s marketing director, to discuss the tactics that her team uses to maintain their position as a premier event.

Keep on reading to discover how Eat Drink SF makes the most of their marketing budget.

Tactic #1: Reach a bigger audience on social media

Boasting a strong following on Instagram and Facebook, the Eat Drink SF team realized they needed to make it easier for users to buy tickets directly on social media. Already a customer of Eventbrite, they turned to the platform’s integrations with Facebook and Instagram.

Now, the Eat Drink SF team can publish their event to Facebook and sell tickets directly within the Facebook Event, avoiding the drop off that can happen with multiple-step checkouts.

On Instagram, the team added a “Get Tickets” button to their profile, so browsers can quickly become buyers. “Between the Facebook and Instagram integrations, we were able to reach our followers and give them a chance to buy tickets quickly and conveniently,” Patsay says.

Tactic #2: Make ticket buying easier on their website

Patsay and her team wanted to make it as easy for interested people to buy tickets on their event website as they had on social media, so they could point all their marketing campaigns to one place (instead of splitting them between their event site and ticketing page).

The team decided to use Eventbrite’s embedded checkout tool on the Eat Drink SF website to make it easier for attendees to buy tickets without leaving the web page, minimizing the chance of abandoned carts. The result? Website conversion was up 54% over the previous year.

“We want to advertise and drive people to one place,” says Patsay. “That’s why we love Eventbrite’s embedded checkout tool. It helps us drive messaging to our website and encourages attendees to stay there.”

Tactic #3: Partner with event marketing experts

The Eat Drink SF team knew they needed to take a step back to assess their current marketing strategy as a whole, but didn’t have the time to prioritize that work. So they turned to outside help to assess their customer data and audit their current marketing tactics.

Partnering with Eventbrite Marketing Services helped them identify areas where they could improve their spend, get more tactical, and better use their data across emails, social, and editorial listings. Since working with the Eventbrite experts, Eat Drink SF’s email open rate soared to 32.9% in a recent campaign.

“We decided to partner with Eventbrite Marketing Services because we knew the ROI would be worth it. Eventbrite’s team has more in-depth knowledge of email marketing than we did. All this resulted in more revenue,” Patsay says.

Discover how Eat Drink SF increased ticket sales 28.5%

Want to learn more about the tactics used by Patsay and her team to make the most of their marketing budget? Read the rest of the case study here.

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