Will the mighty Charles River inspire your next party?

One thing that’s sure to “hit the ball out of Fenway Park” when it comes to event planning is coming up with a theme. No matter how big or small your event, people love themes – they instantly provide a conversation starter for attendees who may not know one another, while also bringing a sense of unity and organization to your event as a whole. Now that we’re shining *brite* in Boston (and wicked fired-up about it!) I thought we’d celebrate by sharing some of the best Boston-themed party ideas!

Boston Tea Party
In honor of the Boston Tea Party, when colonists threw taxed tea into the Boston Harbor to protest the Tea Act, host your own Boston Tea Party. It’s safe to say your party will be a bit more serene than that in 1776; simply prepare a spread of finger sandwiches, scones, and (of course) tea. Then relax in the company of family and friends.

Movie Screening
Good Will Hunting, Mystic River, Gone Baby Gone, The Departed… the list of Boston-themed movies goes on and on. Bust out the popcorn, host your own movie screening, and celebrate Boston cinematography!

Boston has bred a bunch of famous bands and musicians, spanning multiple generations and music genres. New Kids on the Block, Aerosmith, Bobbi Brown… it would be tough to make your way through the song catalogue of bands born and bred in Boston! No need to lug around your own equipment… you can simply rent your own studio and belt out Boston’s best tunes!

Costume Party
Who says costumes are only for Halloween? Bust out your best Baaaaaahsten-inspired costume and thickest accent and party incognito! Whether a sports star like Tom Brady, a poet like Edgar Allen Poe, or a politician like Sam Adams, you’re sure to find a Bostonian to suit your style!

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