Patriots Day. Usually the second or third Monday in April, or often referred to as Marathon Monday. On this day, thousands of runners hit the pavement and embark on the 26.2 mile on-foot journey between Hopkinton, MA to Boston. What’s more, thousands of spectators hit the sidewalks cheering on these athletes, and even more hit the bars, restaurants, and house parties in celebration of those daring enough to run such a distance.

Having lived in Boston for nearly 10 years, I’m quite confident when I say the Boston Marathon is one of the best events in the World. Here’s why:


The Boston Marathon is the world’s oldest marathon. With the history comes of level of prestige; qualifying for Boston is one of the top achievements in a runner’s career… second only to actually finishing the marathon!
The marathon route is chock full of resources, from water and sports drink stops at every mile, port-o-potties abound, and hundreds of volunteers and medical aid ensuring that the marathon is as safe and “comfortable” as possible.
The BAA works with 31 different charitable organizations in the Boston area by providing guaranteed entries to assist in the fundraising efforts of the organizations. These charities include Best Buddies of Massachusetts, Jumpstart, Mass Mentorship Programs, and more. Runners raise over $10 million for their causes.
It’s Digital & Social:
Thanks to today’s technology, the Boston Marathon lives on the computer, in text messages, and in social media. It’s easy to track the progress of a runner through the Boston Athletic Association’s website or text messages sent directly to your phone. Not only that, but spectators can get up to the second updates on general marathon news through Twitter by searching hashtags such as #bostonmarathon and #marathonmonday.
It’s Really Not Just One Event… 
… but tens, if not hundreds of events in Boston alone! Between fundraisers leading up to the marathon, post-marathon celebrations, and house parties and events at restaurants along the route, the Boston Marathon exists well beyond the pavement or Marathon Monday! Literally the entire city shuts down to celebrate tradition and athletics.
You NEVER know what the weather will be like in April in Boston. This year, the high temperature in Boston was 87 degrees. In 2000, the high was 47 degrees. Sure, the heat may be great for spectators, but for runners, extreme heat will crush any attempt at setting a personal record.

It’s Free to Attend:
Enough said. How many other events can you watch elite athletes compete for free?
What are some other “best events in the World?”