Evelyn Flatley, mom of blog editor, Tighe Flatley, prioritizes photoshoots when planning family trips.

There’s a lot of dirty work behind the glamour of a great event. For every bunch of balloons barreling down on a crowd, there are a handful of breathless interns in the wings, learning this very lesson.

This weekend, we celebrate the moms behind the curtain. Our moms are the original event organizers who taught us the ropes. Whether baking the cake, stuffing the piñata with candy, or waking up at dawn to iron the tablecloth for Easter brunch because their kids are too fussy to do it themselves (hi, Mom!), some of our favorite events were prepped by moms.

I asked our marketing team to share some of the event lessons they learned from their mothers. Check them out and let us know how your mom or mother figure inspired you to enter the world of event organizing!

Sara Altier, Chicago Event Evangelist: Before family get-togethers, my mom used to soap up the floor, rubber band old towels to our feet and turn us loose to “ice skate,” a.k.a. mop the floor. Yes, she tricked us into manual labor, but she turned event prep into an exciting game!

Dawn Michelle Andreas, Event Evangelist Program Manager:  My birthday party guests were always involved in helping create the experience and the mood of the party. At the start of each party, my mom planned an arts and craft activity that added to the party decorations. Guests later took their artwork home as a way to remember the event.

J. Damany Daniel, Dallas Event Evangelist: Birthdays were early mornings in my house. My mom would wake the other kids up early so that there was a singing section when you exited your room. We knew that it would happen each year, but we pretended to stay asleep through the hustle of kids waking up to have the “surprise.” People want to feel special, regardless of how you do it. Find ways to celebrate your attendees and it will go a long way to establishing memories years after an event is over.

Brianna Haag, San Francisco Event Evangelist: My mom made sure each event attendee had a party favor to take that was relevant to the theme. People still talk about my Kindergarten ballerina party that included handmade tutus as party favors for all my guests. She also planned an amazing scavenger hunt at the mall during my junior high years, where everyone received a prize.

Vanessa Hope Schneider, Eventbrite Public Relations Manager: My mom always reminded me that, after a tough day, you have to start the next day fresh. Are you having trouble finding a venue with Whack-A-Mole on-site? Couldn’t find decorations in the right shade of fuchsia? Shake it off! Your event is going to be fab, even if you change plans or leap over roadblocks. In the end, the only thing you need for a successful event is people coming together to share in the experience you are creating.

Leila Najafi, LA Event Evangelist: My mom always made sure each guest felt valued and part of the experience. She planned jewelry-making parties where everyone was involved in making their own piece of work. When she made cupcakes for the class on our birthdays, she personalized each one with everyone’s initials.

What did your mom or mother figures do to teach you your first lessons in event organizing? Let us know in our comment section, and then go thank all those mother figures in your life. Happy Mother’s Day!

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