Regardless of what type of event you organize, whether it’s a monthly movie night in the park or a music festival with thousands of attendees, all of us at Eventbrite hope your event is always a smashing success.

That being said, we understand that life can take unexpected turns. If a thunderstorm is forecasted the same night as your movie, or your headliner cancels at the last minute, we’ve got your back! We’re rooting for the clouds to clear and your epic rock band to play their hearts out, but we’re always here for you if anything out of the ordinary happens.

After you decide on the necessary course of action, there are several tools that Eventbrite offers that can be really helpful in these types of situations:

1. Email Attendees: If something goes wrong with your event, the first thing to do is communicate with your attendees. As an Eventbrite organizer, you have the tools to make updates to your event page in real time, as well as the capability to email attendees who have already registered. This makes it easy to keep your attendees up to date on the game plan.

2. Refer to Entry Manager: If your event does take place, make sure you check guests in via our handy (and free!) Entry Manager app. If you didn’t quite accurately assess the capacity of your venue, and you ended up having to turn attendees away, Entry Manager can help you review who was admitted to the event so you can refund accordingly.

3. Initiate Refunds: If it’s clear that you’ll need to refund some of your attendees, you  can easily initiate refunds through Eventbrite. The funds will be refunded to the same card your attendees used when they registered, and they’ll receive an automatic email confirming that the refund has been initiated.

Of course, if you find yourself in need of some additional help, you can always contact us. We’ve got a team of product experts who are dedicated to listening to your story when things don’t go quite as planned and figuring out how we can help turn things around!

We’ve got your back!

-Eventbrite Trust & Safety Team

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