As part of our New Year’s Eve competition, we’re offering event organisers a chance to win £5k to create the New Year’s Eve event of their dreams. Naturally, such a competition requires high calibre judges, so we’ve gathered some top Event Gurus to help us out. With a wealth of experience across every imaginable event, our Gurus have been kind enough to impart some of their wisdom in our series of event organising top tips.

Our Event Gurus have shared their advice on how to ensure your event is as safe as possible. Not just from a health and safety standpoint, but also the wellbeing of your event itself. Have you budgeted carefully? Do you have enough confirmed attendees? What if the power fails? Read on for some things to consider before planning your holiday event!

Consider the Entire Night

“Will public transport still running after your event ends? Does your venue have taxi recommendations or a taxi rank nearby? Transport is key, especially for female guests, so make sure you make reliable arrangements or plans.” – Samme Allen, Barbican

Plan for Every Eventuality

“Spend more time planning your event than staging it. Be mindful that anything can go wrong, and bear in mind the most common problems relate to water and power, so be prepared. Have a backup plan should things go wrong, and make sure you know a good emergency plumber and electrician” – Mark Fuller, Concept Venues

Don’t Assume Your Event Is The Only One

“New Years Eve is a popular night for parties, so be sure your event has it’s own unique theme. You wouldn’t want to put on a ‘swinging 60’s’ themed party if there was another happening down the road. If it’s more of a private party than a big public event, talk amongst your friends to make sure none of them are planning on having a similar NYE bash and inviting the same crowd as you.” – Jessica Koravos, O2

Safety First

“Make sure you have a qualified first aider and a complete first aid kit on site at all times so that you are prepared if someone burns themselves with a candle or cuts their finger on a broken glass.”  – Oliver Carpenter, Jigsaw Community Festivals

Don’t Play with Fire

“If you’re setting off fireworks, take extra special care. If the person in charge of the fireworks seems drunk, find someone else to do it, and make sure everyone stays clear.” – Katie McPhee, Eventbrite

Be Nice to Your Neighbours

“Check with your neighbours before your event. Although you’d expect people to be more relaxed about noise on NYE, it would be a shame to end a great party with the police or council on your doorstep at 3am. Informing people in advance or even inviting them usually does the trick.” – David Ball, Brandfuel


“If your party is at your house (especially if it’s quite big!), make sure someone at the door checks new arrivals to avoid party crashers! If you can’t be at the door all night, enlist a few close friends to help at least ask new arrivals who they came with. If they don’t know you or your guests they are likely to just be wanderers who heard the party music from the street and decided to try their luck.” – Lucy Hughes, Circus London

Protect Your Belongings

“When organising a party at home, put away the fragile decorum (to avoid that precious 200 year old antique vase getting knocked off the side). Although you may want to trust your guests, be sure to store away all any valuables in a room or safe that you can lock. Putting your brand new laptop away means you have one less thing to worry about.” – Ciara Brett, Google