It’s no secret that we’re big on the power of social sharing when it comes to events, so you can imagine how excited we were to hear about Twitter’s new hashtag pages. Launched in conjunction with Twitter’s first television commercial during the Pocono 400 NASCAR race this past Sunday, the hashtag page collects tweets and photos from anyone using the #NASCAR hashtag. Even more exciting? These pages aren’t for brands, they’re for events! Did you just get the goosebumps? (We did.)

Twitter’s first TV commercial is plenty exciting on its own, introducing millions of television viewers to a world of messaging in 140 characters, hashtags and @ symbols, but we’re even more excited to see where that will become of these hashtag event pages.

Currently, there is only a #NASCAR page available, and while the page is branded with their logo, it is not about the brand or the organization but rather the race experience. By blending human curation with algorithms that Twitter has developed to gather relevant content, the page showcases tweets and photos from drivers, fans, pit crews, celebrities and the media. This page is accessible to anyone, even those without a Twitter account.

With the booming success of Pinterest, another social media platform that allows users to ‘pin’ the images of their choosing to various boards they’ve created, it is not surprising that Twitter is now offering a similar way to visually display the ‘buzz’ around in-person events. This is great news for organizers, as this will be a way to to share a tangible page highlighting the conversation, photos and traffic surrounding their event.

While we wait to find out which pages Twitter will release next (Mashable suspects that we’ll first see them surrounding music and sporting events ), might we suggest brushing up on your hashtag skills? If you’re planning an upcoming event, create a hashtag to go along with it! Keep it as short and sweet as possible, both so your guests can remember and use it, but also so it doesn’t eat up a lot of real estate in your 140-character space. Be sure to use it when sharing the event, in the event invitation and also in person at your event. Branded cocktail napkins? Written in frosting on cupcakes? #YouGetTheIdea

So, who else is excited for Twitter’s new hashtag pages? What type of events would you like to see get the hashtag page next? How would you use it for an event you are organizing? Share your thoughts below and join in the conversation online!