Turbo Your Tickets: Five Surefire Ways to Rev Up Your Ticket Sales

Turbo Your Tickets!

Today’s post is from Louise M. Felsher, CMP, CMM, Director of Marketing at Treasure Island Wines. 

Even if you’ve meticulously deployed all the best practices for timely and robust ticket sales, you can still experience stressful underperformance with regard to your sales goals weeks or even days out from your event.

Here are five simple, yet surefire, ways you can generate an immediate uptick in your ticket sales:

1.  Add Company or Group Discounts: If you did not have a company or group category/discount before, consider creating one. If you already had one, consider increasing the number of attendees for same price or adding more value-add benefits, like access to after parties or galas. If budget is tight, it could even be something as simple as extra drink tickets.  Just make sure you don’t cannibalize other categories by pricing too low.

2.  Increase Reach: Instead of hitting the usual suspects with more communications, get the event committee to brainstorm additional zipcodes, verticals and/or demographics you can target quickly.

3. Leverage Current Sponsors and Partners: Get all the current stakeholders to pitch in to promote and incent ticket sales. Sponsors and partners are vested in the success of the event and are not only likely to help you promote direct to their own circle of trust, but they may also acquiesce to elevating contributions of goods and services to entice more ticket sales.

 4. Remove Deterrents: If you know that parking is an issue, for example, consider the dire nature of your event attendance and weigh the the net benefit of reducing parking fees and/or adding a shuttle. Be sure to add this information to your event page and broadcast this widely.

 5. Give Undecideds New Reasons To Attend: Even with wildly discounted early purchase incentives, the trend is still to wait until the last minute to make a decision about attending any kind of event.  Push them over the edge by announcing new reasons to attend or highlighting perks of their attendance. Attendees love to get the ‘special treatment’, so be sure to let your potential attendees know that they’re checking out a venue before it opens to the public, or that they’re getting access to tasting new blend of wine, etc.

Louise in the Tasting Room at Treasure Island Wines. We’d need no extra incentive to attend one of their tastings!












By utilizing some or all of these tips, you’re sure to see a jump in last minute ticket sales. What tricks have worked for you in the past? Share yours below and be sure to join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter!



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