As we get ready to bid farewell to 2013, I take one last trip down memory lane and what an incredible year it has been. Perhaps my favorite thing about LA is that on any given week, there will never be a shortage of food festivals, popup shops or fun soirees happening somewhere. Aside from the glorious memories made and event-hoppers I’ve met along the way, the humorous photobooth pictures are my only souvenir and testament that 2013 was indeed an eventful one.  Here are just a few event highlights from this year as we say au revoir 2013, and hello 2014!

5. The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands

There is nothing that gets me more excited than these two words: tribute band.  This event series might just be every 80s groupie’s dream come true! The brainchild of one of America’s favorite entrepreneurial sharks, Mark Cuban, the World’s Greatest Tribute Bands is a show that airs on AXS TV paying homage to our generation’s beloved music. Every Monday night, the (free) shows drew die-hard rock fans to go back in time and relive their wild and crazy teen years. Best part? They just announced they’re back for Season 3 starting January 2014!

4. The Popup Dinner LA


Nothing says summer in LA quite like a popup BYOD (bring your own dinner) on the Santa Monica Pier, dress code, all white. Some guests took this dinner party pretty seriously, as in, hired a private chef which lended itself to an entertaining evening, to say the least. If there was an award for Most Unique Event this one sure has my vote!

3. Sunset Strip Music Festival

Arguably, one of the world’s most iconic streets, Sunset Strip, shuts down a portion of the boulevard every year for a three-day celebration of music. This year’s headliner, Linkin Park attracted thousands of music fans who took over West Hollywood and checked another music fest off their summer bucket list!

2.  Los Angeles Magazine – The Food Event

Quite possibly, my favorite event of the year! LA’s best watering holes and restaurants served up their specialties sprawled across the breathtaking Saddlerock Ranch in Malibu. With live music, endless pours of your favorite cocktails and a chance to meet LA’s epicurean experts, you say, Los Angeles Magazine Food Event? I say, yes please!

1. Drink:Eat:Play Los Angeles Beer Fest


Who doesn’t love copious amounts of beer, food trucks galore, sunshine and an amusing backdrop like Paramount Studios? What could be better? A cover band playing your favorite 80s tunes with your stout in hand. Is it April yet?

Don’t forget! 2013 isn’t over yet. Check out my top recommendations for New Year’s Eve here. See you in 2014!