10. Start Now 

The most popular NYE 2013 events on Eventbrite published their event page an average of 62 days before NYE. Launch your event page early and give yourself more time to market your event, build buzz, and have ticket buyers spread the word to friends.

9. Reward Past Guests

Email last year’s attendees to promote your NYE 2014 event. Offer a limited-time fan appreciation discount— unique promo codes are easy to set up and track through Eventbrite—and your loyal attendees will become cheerleaders for your event.

8. Incentivize Early Purchases

Give your guests a reason to buy their tickets well ahead of the event, such as early-bird pricing or special perks like drink tickets and souvenirs. The earlier guests lock in their plans, the more time they have to share their excitement with others.

7. Build an Experience 

Reveal video and photos over time to build anticipation.  Use Eventbrite’s Social Stream feature on your event page to showcase your guests’ Twitter and Instagram posts to keep the conversation flowing.

6. Let Guests Do NYE Their Way 

NYE happens only once a year: let your guests choose their experience. Offer a variety of ticket types to your guests, such as VIP packages, Super VIPs or Express Lane tickets.

5. Drive Online Discovery

Put some time into describing your event theme, venue, and entertainment on your webpage to stand out from the crowd. Compelling content increases engagement, and helps search engines understand what your website is all about.

4. Turn Attendees into Promoters 

A majority of NYE-goers attend an event based on where their friends are going. Eventbrite’s built-in sharing tools let guests share your event page through their social channels in one click. In NYE 2013, Eventbrite organizers earned an average of $18 in additional ticket sales.

3. Leverage Partnerships 

Use partners to help spread the word and drum up excitement. Eventbrite makes it easy to create promotion codes to offer exclusive pricing and packages to partners, and measure effectiveness of each partner’s efforts through tracking links.

2. Get Guests Through the Door 

Use electronic check-in solutions to keep lines moving and patrons happy. Encourage your guests to arrive early by offering drink coupons, merchandise, or prizes for those who join the party before a certain hour.

1. Set NYE 2015 Up for Success 

Build excitement for next year by capturing photos and videos throughout the evening to share with guests—and to feature in your NYE 2015 marketing. Send a thank-you email to attendees and get their feedback in a survey.

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