An original version of this post by Chad Barth, Washington, D.C. Event Evangelist, appeared on the blog of Broadband for America.

From Washington, D.C., to my hometown of Decorah, Iowa, events large and small are happening across America every day.

At Eventbrite, we empower organizers and event planners of all shapes and sizes with a simple, yet dynamic platform to engage participants. Whether it’s selling tickets for a local high school football game, a chili cook-off fundraiser for a church, or a traveling music group performing for a small-town crowd, Eventbrite unites and energizes communities around an event.

Eventbrite depends on the best technologies available to provide their platform where people can advertise their events to members of their community and millions of people around the country. By fostering the ability for people to meet offline at community events nationwide, Eventbrite is helping grow local economies.

Similarly, broadband access is not only connecting individuals but helping to grow local economies in small towns and large cities across America.

Broadband access helps organizations like Seed Savers Exchange in Decorah, Iowa raise money for education programs to teach people how to save North America’s diverse, but endangered, garden heritage for future generations.

Broadband also generates economic opportunities for many people at the Bend Venture Conference in Bend, Oregon, a conference that attracts more than 300 of the Pacific Northwest’s top entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders, and connects them with potential investment opportunities.

Broadband enables Taza Chocolate to schedule tours of its manufacturing facility in Somerville, Massachusetts, for visitors from every corner of the country. With each admission, Taza Chocolate donates a dollar for every ticket to Sustainable Harvest International.

Eventbrite and broadband Internet access – connecting both Americans and growing local economies.

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