THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser events are an impressive benefit series that have developed a national presence in a few short years. That expansion into new markets is no accident: it’s allowed the group to build engagement and keep prices at each event low (which in turn keeps them accessible to young attendees). We caught up with founder Nilo G. to hear more about the group’s winning formula, starting with their August 28th gathering in our hometown of San Francisco.

What is THE San Francisco Breast Cancer Fundraiser?

THE San Francisco Breast Cancer Fundraiser is one of the founding chapters of THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser, the organization which hosts annual cocktail charity soirees across the nation. THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser is one of the few organizations whose primary focus is to promote philanthropic involvement among a generation of young professionals ranging in age from 21 – 40. The annual event in each market is focused on three core principles:

  • To raise money for credible breast cancer organizations
  • To prompt philanthropic involvement amongst a generation of young professionals
  • To honor local breast cancer fighters and survivors

How is the event structured, and how many attendees are you expecting?

THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser aims to directly involve local companies and businesses for each market we enter. Art, fashion, music, and other live entertainment features are incorporated into the event in addition to honoring local breast cancer fighters and survivors. Guests are able to sip on cocktails and dance late into the night all while raising money for a cause that is so dear to many. As this is our second year in San Francisco, we are expecting around 150 guests and look forward to watching it grow to 500+ as we continue to build our following in Northern California.

How did you set up the ticketing/donation structure, and why did you think this would be the best approach?

The event has never been intended to be a million-dollar gala, so rather then raising ticket prices and losing our target audience, we have expanded THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser into metropolitan cities around the nation. The pre-sale donation of $25 per ticket and $30 at the door seems to be the right fit for now, and stays true to our core philosophy.

What’s the venue for the SF event, and how did you choose it?

THE San Francisco Breast Cancer Fundraiser is being hosted at Manor West nightclub. The venue speaks to the audience we want attending the event – it’s youthful and embodies a chic aesthetic while keeping a lively spirit to it. The management at Manor West has been incredibly gracious and in addition to donating the space and DJ, they are giving $2 back to the organization from select specialty drinks.

You manage these breast cancer fundraisers across several cities. What are the other ones like, and how do the events relate to one another?

For the past seven years, THE OC Breast Cancer Fundraiser has touched the lives of many and raised over $50,000 in support of one of the world’s leading diseases. With such an overwhelming and powerful response, THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser was established in Spring 2009 in an effort to multiply what has come about in Orange County, to spread across 20 metropolitan U.S. cities. Last year, we introduced additional chapters in San Francisco and the Inland Empire and launched the San Diego chapter this year and NYC is coming up this fall. Each fundraiser is focused around the cocktail party vibe and we work hard to ensure the local flair is being incorporated into the event through creative art aspects. The founding region, Orange County, has grown bounds over the past 7 years. Businesses and media now reach out to us to get linked with the event and it’s amazing to see the community’s response with the fundraiser each year.

Thanks again to Nilo, and congrats to THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser series on the hit events!

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