By now, the day after Thanksgiving has practically become a holiday in its own right. Shoppers flock to stores before dawn, stock up on steeply discounted goods, and try not to start any brawls in the T-shirt aisle. It’s as American as leftover apple pie.

Black Friday is also a great opportunity to set up a dedicated shopping event, as many savvy Eventbrite organizers have realized this year. So we thought we’d compile a quick Black Friday events guide to offer a method to the madness. From a “Shop-n-Drop” event in Virginia to “Night Owl Shopping” in Georgia to a “Shopapalooza” in Florida, there’s sure to be a gathering near you.

Of course, if you’d rather spend the holiday weekend in a more traditional, turkey-themed way, we’ve got you covered there too. Here are some top Thanksgiving events, from turkey trots to cooking classes to something called “Robotics Turkey Day” (just have a look…). We’ll see you out there!

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