We, here at Eventbrite, have seen the great success that can come from leveraging social media channels to sell out events.

Events are intrinsically viral, and people love to spread the word about events that they are excited to attend. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn enable people to reach many more friends in much less time, allowing for information to spread like wildfire. Event holders need to tap into these channels and harness the power of social media. We’ve seen some great examples of how eventholders like The Dissident Chef, Tubefilter, and BlogHer use social media to genrate buzz and sell out their events.

We’ve been gathering best practices and testing many of them out ourselves. Now we’d like to share what we’ve learned, so we will be hosting a webinar, “Tapping the power of social media for event promotion,” so that you too can learn how become a social media master and sell out your events. We’ll be sharing

The free webinar will take place on Tuesday, August 25th at 11am PST. Sign up now!