We’ve finally caught our breath after one of our favorite events, South by Southwest, the massive gathering of techies, music lovers, and film buffs that happens every year in Austin, Texas.

As always, we had a big presence at SXSW: we attended panels, screenings and concerts; ate our weight in tacos and BBQ; and cheered from the crowd as our Director of Data Engineering spoke about the history and future of recommendation engines. We checked into the Foursquare party on Foursquare, got grumpy waiting in line to see Grumpy Cat, and watched tons of attendees take out their phones and show the Eventbrite app to check into hundreds of unnoficial SXSW events.

“It was really cool seeing other attendees using the Eventbrite app in real life. When other conference go-ers saw my name badge, they’d often show me their collection of event tickets in the Eventbrite app!” – Mitch Colleran, Partner and Channel Manager

But we weren’t the only busy ones. Let’s take a look at the numbers:

• Eventbrite supported 778 SXSW events this year, a 20% increase from 2012

• 757 of these events took place in Austin, with the remaining 21 taking place in cities ranging from San Francisco to Honolulu to London

• SXSW attendees RSVPed 1.2 million times for the events on Eventbrite, a 111% increase from 2012 

• Of the 1.2 million registrations, 73K SXSW tickets were added to Passbook


Were you at SXSW? We’d love to hear about the events you attended and how you used the Eventbrite app in the comments below!