Last week, our friends at SurveyMonkey ran a great blog post describing how they joined forces with Eventbrite to help a small NPO with its valuable mission. We love what they do with surveys, and we’re excited that they’re fans of our product as well. Here’s the story of SurveyMonkey, Eventbrite, and

Most of the time, we at SurveyMonkey are focused on the latest and greatest in technology and how we can bring more of it to our customers (faster!). So it can be hard to imagine life without technology, let alone life without lights.

Yet 1.6 billion people on the planet live every day without access to electricity, and have to rely on kerosene for lighting—something that is unhealthy both for them and the planet. Lucky for us,, a small nonprofit organization, has made it its mission to distribute 1 million solar lights to children and families around the world to replace kerosene.

Earlier this month, working with our awesome partner, Eventbritehey, that’s us!—the team at One Million Lights was able to quickly plan an event for new supporters and learn in advance what their guests were interested in hearing about at the event.

As a lean team (made up mostly of volunteers), they appreciated how quickly and easily they could:

By spending less time on event planning and administration, they were able to spend more of their time and energy on their event goal: to raise funds to provide 1,000 lights to 5 schools in Kenya.

We’ve embedded One Million Lights’ creative pre-event survey here, so you can take a look:

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Thanks again to SurveyMonkey for allowing us to republish their post. Here’s the original version.

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