When it comes to finding exciting events, Sundays can stymie even the most social sorts. You’re tired from Saturday, you’re mentally preparing for Monday—maybe you just assume there’s nothing fun going on. Yet it’s also when you’d appreciate nothing more than a fresh way to unwind. Besides, if you live in New York, there’s always something up your alley. This weekend, we did the work for you Manhattanites, compiling an eclectic mix of Sunday happenings. From art classes to live comedy to a subway scavenger hunt, there’s sure to be something to solve your Sunday blues.

Acting workshop with Maggie Reed: If you live in New York and have never given acting a shot, you’re missing out on a fundamental 212 experience. If you’ve given acting a shot and are still waiting tables… all the more reason to try this workshop. Test out improvisation methods and other key skills under the watchful eye of TV and stage veteran Maggie Reed.

“Sunday Night Live” comedy show: You’ve heard of that *other* New York comedy show—you know, the one on Saturday evenings, which is also not taped? Ahem. Well, this is “Sunday Night Live,” and the only thing it has in common is razor-sharp wit. New and established comedians converge in the heart of Manhattan for an evening the show’s producers say is rated “H”… for Hilarious.

Figure drawing in TriBeCa: A Canal Street and a world away from from a rowdy comedy club, this drawing workshop offers a very Sunday activity: a meditative exploration of the human form. Everyone from beginner to expert, charcoal penciler to watercolorist is welcome to come sharpen technique in an intimate space.

Subway scavenger hunt: This one’s our personal favorite: a combined obstacle course and scavenger hunt held in the vaunted subways of New York. It’s just like the games you played as a kid—only home base is Penn Station, and your key tools are digital cameras and unlimited MetroCards. A great way to turn winter inside out while having a uniquely New York experience.

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