At Eventbrite, we talk a lot about the power of social media for spreading the word about your events. And with good reason. As our recent social commerce report showed, event sharing through Facebook, Twitter, and the rest really works—and it has a tangible effect on the success of your gatherings.

Until now, Eventbrite’s “social sharing” buttons have only been open to eventholders who choose to list their events publicly (that option appears at the bottom of your Create page). And while listing your events is still something we strongly encourage—for reasons outlined here—we know it’s not appropriate in every case. Let’s say you’re organizing a reunion for your high school class. You may not want it to be listed on Google or the Eventbrite directory, but you certainly want to harness the power of Facebook and Twitter to spread the word.

That’s why we’ve decided to make our social media buttons an option for private events as well as public. Effective immediately, an organizer can choose to enable these tools for any event:

We’ve seen what these buttons can do for events, and we’re really excited to make them available for all Eventbrite users!