At Eventbrite, we think that one of the best ways to find new events¬† – whether they be concerts or conferences or college parties – is simply to see what your friends are doing. As fun as new experiences can be, we believe that they’re better with friends.

To drive social event discovery and help friends connect around live experiences, we’re now using the Facebook Connect APIs to let Eventbrite users share their upcoming events with their real world friends.

As soon as users sign in to their Eventbrite accounts at, they’re prompted to “Connect with Facebook.” Once they grant Eventbrite permission to access their Facebook data, we use their Facebook friend lists to recognize existing friend relationships between Eventbrite users. The Connect API empowers Eventbrite to reflect the Facebook social graph on our own service.

Now, in addition to event recommendations generated by our recommendation engine, users can find upcoming Eventbrite events that their friends are attending. The “Facebook Recommendations” tab filters out the engine-generated results to reveal only the new social recommendations. The right panel of each event features profile picture thumbnails and a counter of friends who have registered for each event; mousing over a thumbnail activates a hovercard with more details on exactly who’s going and a link to learn more.

This exciting new social discovery tool takes two age-old questions – “What are my friends doing?” and “Who’s going to this?” – and uses the answer to drive event recommendations and discovery in the era of social commerce. Here’s how it works:

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