At Eventbrite, we believe something’s always more fun when you invite friends along. It’s kind of what we’re all about… That’s why we’re excited to announce a special “refer a friend” bonus for the month of September. Effective now, when you refer a friend to sign up for Eventbrite, you and your friend will each get a $20 credit, just as soon as they sell a ticket! That’s right: two twenties, one for you and one for your lucky pal.

But remember: the special referral deal is only active for the next 10 days. So if you’ve got any event-loving friends who would benefit from all that Eventbrite offers, now’s the perfect time to bring them on board. We even made a special invitation for you to send them. It takes about 20 seconds to fill out. By our math, that’s $1 per second.

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