Events are inherently social. And every time we do something at Eventbrite to make sharing and “liking” events easier on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, we see a substantial increase in ticket sales for our event organizers.

Recently, we’ve taken a closer look at the factors that influence a person’s decision about whether or not to buy a ticket or attend an event. It’s no surprise that one of the most critical factors is actually knowing who’s attending the event. Events are often more fun when we’re there with people we know, after all!

That’s why we’re excited to roll out this new feature that unleashes the power of social media to answer the age-old question of “who’s going to the event?” and promote even more sharing and event registrations.

The “Who’s Going” feature allows people to see which of their friends (connected via Facebook) have already registered for an event that they may be interested in attending. The “Who’s Going” module will appear on event registration pages, just below event ticketing and registration information.

We’ve seen that among people who share events on Facebook, 40% of people share events before they commit to going, in order to gauge their friends’ interest in attending or to encourage them to attend. So, imagine how powerful this information can be in influencing their decision. If they see that 5 of their friends have already registered for an event, they’ll be more likely to register on the spot.

The people you see in “Who’s Going” are unique to you based on your social graph. Only friends you are connected to on Facebook who have already registered for the event will show up. And if you don’t see any friends listed, hit that “share” button so that you can rally the troops!

You can easily manage your share settings in the module itself (and order confirmation page). If you want your Facebook friends to see the events you’re attending and want to encourage them to join you, set it to “Social”. Otherwise, simply select the “Private” setting and no one will be able see the events you’ve registered for.

All events will display the “Who’s Going” module on their event registration page. If you have an existing event and would like to add this module, or you want to remove it from new events you create, just head over to the “Preview & Customize” tab in the Edit/Create Event page, and check or uncheck the “Allow visitors to see which of their Facebook friends are going” box.

Head over to the Help Center for more detailed steps:

“Who’s Going” is currently available only in the US with events that have set English as their language.

What do you think? Would you be more interested in attending an event if you knew your friends were going? Tell us in the comments section below.