You just clicked publish on your Eventbrite page. And….

Crickets. Well, maybe not crickets…but it’s pretty quiet.

Assuming you have an interesting and accessible venue, compelling content lined up, and a solid marketing effort in place, there are a few extra tricks you can utilize to get people buzzing about your event.

Step 1: Utilize the URL.

Woman Shouting with Bullhorn

Did you know you can make a custom URL for your Eventbrite page? And, that it’s optimized for SEO? A custom URL is more memorable and easier to add to your marketing material (posters, stickers, flyers, etc.). Imagine running into a friend or colleague who you think might be interested in the event. What would you rather say to her?

“Hey, Gail! Check out eventbrite-dot-com-backslash-eight-two-one-three-three-four-two-eight! You’re gonna love it.”


“Bobs-birthday-dot-eventbrite-dot-com. It’s gonna be a gas!” 

You see our point already. Make a custom URL.


Step 2: Smart Social Media.


You’d be shocked to find out how many people post the link to their Facebook page the minute they publish their event, and then not again until the week before their event takes place. It’s ok to be aggressive with getting the word out when using social media, because not everyone consumes it the same way. Post consistently throughout the dates leading up to your event and don’t be afraid of sending personalized messages. Nobody likes spam, but if you think someone in your network might genuinely be interested in attending, send them a little message or DM. Be sure to personalize it, so it doesn’t look like you just auto-DM’ed everyone, but personalized invitations go a long way:

“Hey Bob! Know how much you dig Bald Eagles, so thought you might be interested in attending this screening of my new documentary, My Magnificent Bird:”

Also, don’t be afraid to ask people to share! A simple ‘Please RT’ or ‘can go a long way!


Step 3: A ‘Lil Hashtag Help?

Eventbrite Hashtag Event Promotion

Before you start any of your marketing efforts decide on an event hashtag (check out some of our suggestions here). Include it consistently in all of your online marketing : emails, event page, social media, etc. The more the hashtag is used, the more eyes that will be on it, which hopefully also means more eyes on your event page.

Additionally, look up if there are any popular hashtags that have to do with the type of event you are hosting and reach out to folks using that to generate additional interest. (e.g:  reach out to everyone using the #BaldEagleLover hashtag and let them know about your screening). If you’re seeing a lot of pickup with your hashtag, you should check out using our Social Stream feature to display all of the tweets and photos.


Step 4: Cool, Compelling Content


Yes, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts are efficient in driving page views and ticket sales…but what about other platforms? Think outside the box. Do you have a well-known speaker at your event? Consider a pre-event interview on your blog, or ask them to shoot a quick message on their mobile phone that you can turn into an Instagram video or Vine.  Think of creative, unique ways that you can tease out your event and run with it!


Step 5: It Takes a Village

Studio Portrait of the Village People

Sure, it is possible to sell out your event totally solo but why not divide and conquer? If you are working with a board or have volunteers, ask them to share the event with their networks as well. Send out weekly emails with pre-written messages (copy options for emails, social media channels, etc.) so all they have to do is copy, paste, and click send! Additionally, consider working with local media partners — it is very common for event organizers offer a % or $ off of registration in exchange for a media partner sending their event out in an email or newsletter.

Do you have any tried and true ways to increase the buzz around your event? Tell us in the comments below!