Use access codes to encourage ticket-buyers in the final days before the event.

Alright, so you have this incredible night planned and everything is all set– except you still have tickets to sell. Don’t panic, because a large number of NYE revelers buy their tickets the last couple days! If you’re still looking to do a last minute push to sell out your event, here are our top marketing for tips those final moments leading up to the big night.

5. Find the barrier to entry. Is it transportation home? Provide information on using a towncar service such a Uber, cab numbers, or even organize a bus to take people home. Is it price? Perhaps your tickets are a wee bit too high and a discounted price might help attendees pony up. Is it because their friends are lagging with buying tickets? Provide an incentive for the group.

4. Use access codes for promotional prices. If you know someone that’s still undecided on NYE, you can use an access code to encourage their group to buy tickets at a special rate. Access codes give people the ability to buy hidden ticket types.

3. Social Media Push. We’ve seen that sharing on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn results in an increased number of transactions. So if you’re not taking advantage of our social media plugins, its likely not helping your ticket sales. Attendees are more likely to share that they’re attending an event after they’ve purchased tickets to the event, so one of your best sources of marketing are your current attendees.

2. Communicate the scarcity of tickets. Sometimes you simply need to share a sense of urgency to get people to bite. Send out an email to your list giving potential attendees a heads up that they’re about to miss out. If there are only 75 tickets left to your event, give them the heads up! No one likes FOMO (fear of missing out).

1. Comp influencers and VIPs. If you know people who will no doubt influence their posse to join them on NYE, feel free to comp their ticket in exchange for their promotional efforts.

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