Reveal Your Hidden Tickets with Access Codes

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Giving your attendees an access code gives them the ability to purchase tickets that aren’t publicly listed on your event page. (Click to expand.)

We’re always exploring new ways to help you sell and manage your tickets. Today, we launched the “access codes” feature to make certain tickets visible and accessible on your event page, only to guests with a special password, or access code.

We know you don’t necessarily want the general public to see all of the tickets you’re offering. With access codes, you can create as many ticket types as your heart desires, but only people with the correct access code will see the tickets you want them to see.

We’re excited about this launch because there are so many different ways you can use access codes, such as:

  • If you have a membership list, you can set member names or IDs as access codes and offer members-only tickets after they validate their membership.
  • Managing your free passes for press, sponsors, speakers, volunteers and others is easy. Set up a different access code for each guest and they can register on your official event page, helping you accurately track total attendance.
  • You can designate a set of VIP tickets for your special guests or sponsors to distribute using their specific access code.
  • You can reserve tickets for various promotional campaigns, such as pre-sales or card holder discounts,  and track each campaign with different access codes.
To get started, click “Create Promotional Codes” from your Event Summary page.

Access codes are managed on the Promotional Codes page and can only be applied to hidden tickets (those with “hidden” ticket sales status). You can set access codes individually or upload up to 3,000 access codes at once. You can bulk upload discount codes, too. And we added a search function to help you find a specific access or discount code on the Manage Promotional Codes page, which will come in handy when you’re managing thousands of different codes.

Like discount codes, it’s easy for your guests to use access codes to unlock their tickets. Your guests can visit your event page and input their code as a Promotional Code to see their tickets. If you prefer, you can avoid the hassle of having your guests enter an access code by sending them a link directing to an event page where their hidden ticket is already exposed.

Take a look and let us know how you plan on using the new access codes feature. For more information, here’s a full tutorial explaining the finer details of the feature.

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