We’re introducing a feature that allows you to include custom registration information in your order confirmations. We’re excited to follow up our recent registration event terminology launch with this feature, which will make managing your registration events even easier.

The attendee will see their info in the order confirmation, making it less confusing for everyone on the big day.

If you create and ask your attendees custom questions during the registration process, you now have the option to show those questions and answers on an attendee’s order confirmation page and email confirmation. This way, they can reference it later.

Many organizers create their own questions and collect information during the registration process to better understand their audience and provide the best event experience. With this new feature, we’re expanding the custom question functionality to provide registrants with a record of their selections and minimize confusion on the day of the event.

For example, let’s say you’re organizing a 10K race. Your attendees must select their wave or group (with an assigned start time), based on their running pace. By leveraging this feature, your registered runners will receive an order confirmation with their individual wave and start time selection included.

For a conference, attendees can register for different breakout sessions during the registration process and keep track of their schedule – without requiring you to create individual Registration Types for each breakout session on your main event page.

Head to “Collect Custom Information” in the left navigation to start the process.

All it takes to use this feature is a simple check of a box. When you’re creating your own questions, just select the box “Show the attendee the answer to this question on the order confirmation.” You can always revisit your custom questions and setting in the future, under the Collect Custom Information section in the Manage tab.

Register for our sample registration event to check out the order confirmation with custom registration information included: https://customreginfo-blog.eventbrite.com

For a step-by-step on creating custom questions and answers on order confirmations, check out our Help Center page.

Is this helpful for your event? Let us know in the comments below, or give us a shout on Facebook or Twitter.


Under “Collect Custom Information”, type your questions and answer options, and check “Show the attendee…” to have this info appear in the order confirmation.
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