Today’s guest post is from Alice Aylett Roberts, Head of Communications at London-based digital marketing brand,Bullseyehub. Today is part two of this series, in which Roberts explores the various location marketing platforms available to event organizers. Read part one, on the benefits of these social networks

Yesterday, we chatted about the importance of marketing your event with place-based social networks. Let’s take a look at the sites that are available for event organizers to promote their venues online.


What is Facebook Places?

Perhaps a more accurate question is, “What was Facebook Places?” Facebook recently announced that it’s Places features will slowly be phased out, and instead will encourage users to check-in from, well, anywhere. We have yet to see how this can benefit venue owners and event organizers, but for more information on the feature, check out Facebook’s official post on the changes, as well as this analysis of Facebook Location Tagging from TechCrunch and the official feature page from Facebook. We encourage event organizers to keep an eye on this one – getting people to check-in to your event or venue will prompt chatter on newsfeeds throughout the internet, and will provide unique marketing and deal opportunities.


What is Foursquare?

Foursquare allows users to discover new places, get recommendations from their friends and hear about the latest deals at thousands of locations

Foursquare allows venue owners to learn data about their clientele.

around the world. Users can simply open the mobile application of their phone to find information about nearby restaurants, coffee shops, bars or gyms. The more people use Foursquare, the more they are rewarded, and users can earn badges and points for checking-in at different locations.

What are the benefits for venue owners?

Foursquare allows venue owners to claim their business page and run deals or special offers. Once a place has been claimed, venue owners have access to detailed stats and demographics about the people visiting their venue or attending their events.

Like their location rival Facebook, Foursquare has also announced a new focus on events and will allow users to specifically check-in to events that are happening at the listed venues.

Google Places

What is Google Places?

Google Places is the technology that allows you to see businesses on Google Maps. Business owners verify the listing of their locations and can update and manage their physical business location information.

Google Places allows you to optimize listings with Google tags and keywords, so searchers can find your venue without necessarily knowing its name.

This information is used to update their business listing so that it appears correctly within Google Maps and it’s also possible to optimize the listing with Google tags and keywords in the description, so that searchers can find the relevant type of venue without necessarily knowing the exact name of the venue they want.

What are the benefits for venue owners?

Once a venue is listed on Google Places, it becomes highly visible in search results and when people start searching for events happening at that venue, it’s likely that the user reviews on Google Places will be one of the first sites listed. Businesses who claim their Page have greater control about what information is listed and view links to external websites that will display upcoming events.

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