While many have already forgotten about their New Years resolutions, the start of spring is a subtle reminder of your 2012 promise to get in shape! Unfortunately, the appeal of gyms lessens as the days get longer and the temperatures rise. What better way to take advantage of this to grow your own business and brand, while being your own boss than by hosting your own fitness classes and events?

Here’s why you may want to consider hosting fitness classes and events of your own:

Sara recently checked out Heaven & Hell Run/Yoga Night!
  • Anyone can attend your events and classes, not just people who are members of a particular gym or club.
  • Opportunity to distinguish yourself from other personal trainers and fitness professionals in the industry.
  • Ability to partner with other complimentary fitness professionals in your area.
  • Caters to clients who want to be outside.
  • Permit fee (yes, you may need one, check in your city!) could be less than renting space in a facility.
  • Profit – it’s yours to keep.
Are you wondering what you’d host? Depending on your certifications and interests, the fitness world is your oyster! Here’s some ideas:
  • Yoga and pilates class
  • Weekly running and cycling clubs
  • Bootcamp
  • Meditation sessions
  • Complimentary events like Yoga for Runners, Strength Training for Dancers, even Football and Ballet
We hope to offer event organizers nearly everything they need to create the best online registration possible. Particular to fitness classes and events, here are some features we feel are particularly beneficial:
  • Online payment. No sweaty, soggy, or forgotten dollar bills.
  • Ability to share registration on Facebook and Twitter. People love to brag about their athletic accomplishments (and get their friends to join them, too!)
  • Search. Thousands of people visit Eventbrite.com looking for events in their area on a daily basis. Get in front of a new audience!
  • Collect custom information on your attendees such as their current fitness regimin and current goals. This allows you to better tailor the class to their needs, or create future events based on their feedback!
Have you thought about hosting your own fitness classes and events before? What’s held you back (or helped you!) attain your goal? We’d love to know!