Proving the Value of Your Event


You’ve come up with the perfect event idea and have an incredible venue in mind. Before you put tickets on sale and start promoting, it’s important to make sure you’re properly conveying the value that your event is providing to attendees. Use this checklist to help prove the real life ROI your attendees will receive by attending your next event.

1. Do your homework.

Eventbrite Do Your Homework

Take a step back from your planning and think about your potential attendees and their needs. Who is your audience? Get as specific as possible. What are they looking to get out of your event? Additionally, if you have competitors, research what they’re offering. If you can offer something completely unique, you’re already ahead of the game and filling the room will be much easier.

2. Charge.


On average, we see that free events have about a 50% show rate.  Even if you charge a nominal amount for your event, people will be more compelled to attend. If you don’t want to make money off of the event, use the funds collected to cover food or a drink for your attendees, or donate the funds to a local cause or charity.

3. Make costs and benefits clear.

Be very clear about the costs and benefits of attending. What will attendees gain from attending your event? Don’t give away the whole farm, but offer a teaser of what attendees will walk away with — whether it is a physical item, a new skill, or a few actionable takeaways they can implement immediately.

4. Communicate the risks of not attending.

If people don’t sign up, what will they be missing? Without being threatening, illustrate why not being a part of your event could be negative.

5. Create a compelling event page and invitation.  


Don’t listen to anyone who says otherwise: first impressions count. These posts will help you to write and design a compelling event page. Once finished, read 9 Ways Your Invitation Says Your Event Will Be Lame from our friends over at BizBash. If you saw your event page, would it make you want to read more? Would you want to attend?

6. Promote wisely.  

Eventbrite Promote Wisely

Nothing makes us cringe more than seeing people sloppily promote their event on Twitter. Blasting out the same message over and over is tacky and impersonal, leaving recipients feel like you’re more concerned with putting butts in seats and not at all concerned with their best interest. Go back to Step 1 and think about who your target audience is, then think of creative ways to reach them. Think of where that group gathers (both online and offline) and go from there.

If you follow these six easy steps, we promise you’ll be proving to potential attendees why they should be attending your event. Anything you’d add? Tell us in the comments below!

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