Promote your event with NEW Eventbrite widgets!

We’re excited to announce the launch of Eventbrite widgets to help you promote your events on your own blog or website. Our calendar widget allows you to display all your upcoming events and lets users click through to register. The countdown widget gives you a live countdown of the days remaining until your event. Customize these widgets and simply copy and paste the code into your site or blog for a fun, professional way to promote your events. If you use Blogger or TypePad, you can post your widgets with one simple click. You can access the widgets from the “Promote” section of your event management page.  If you have feedback on these new features, let us know, we’ll be constantly improving on them. Check out our widgets tutorial or to get started, Create your event.

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  • I wish the calendar/countdown widgets dynamically resized, they just barely don’t fit right on my website and who wants all those scrollbars?

  • How do I add the Eventbrite countdown widget to my blog? When I add the widget as HTML, it strips out the iframe code, just leaving the title and link.

  • One solution you could try if you continue having that issue is making sure the widget add is your last edit to the post. If you save/publish directly after that edit, it shouldn’t strip. Hope this helps!

  • HELP could someone give me a step by step direction of how to put the countdown widget on my event site? i feel helpless 🙁 signed whiny widgeter

  • WordPress editor is not accepting eventbrite coundtown widget….why? I copy the html code from into my “text” widget on wordpress, but it doesn’t work, only a link to’s main page is left in the shadows.

  • Unfortunately some versions of WordPress don’t allow iframes. (We know this is an issue and are looking at it.) What version are you using?

  • I really wish that we had control over resizing these widgets. Is there anyway to resize the calendar widget so I can have it display at a different width/height? Is that on the list of tweeks?