Last weekend, 7 Britelings ran 10 miles together over the Golden Gate Bridge in the Guardsmen’s Presidio 10 race. With so many runners, cyclists, and Ironmen in the office, it’s not unusual to find us out on the course these days. Even our non-runners come out to show their support; 12 Britelings volunteered at one of SF Marathon’s water stops last year, and we plan to bring our cheers again this year.

You could say we’re passionate about endurance sports. That’s why we were so excited to be managing the race registration for the Presidio 10 this year. And that’s not all. We’re powering endurance races across the country, including the Metro Dash events in 14 cities, US Marine Corps Ultimate Challenge Mud Run, Gran Fondo New York, and lululemon’s Sea Wheeze Half Marathon.

As we continue looking for ways to make a race organizer’s life easier, we’ve taken an innovative, technology-driven approach to develop features tailored to the specific needs of endurance races.

One of these is the “auto-assign numbers” feature allowing organizers to automatically assign bib numbers to race participants.

Race organizers can set up bib sequences based on the registration type (such as 10K, Half Marathon, Family, Elites), age, gender and/or a registrant’s answer to a question answered during registration. They can also specify the first number in a sequence, reserve certain numbers, manually edit bib numbers, and set the bib character length.

Managing bib numbers doesn’t have to be a headache. Once the sequences are set up, organizers can easily access reports that include athlete bib numbers and even export a list of athletes and their bib numbers via a CSV file to send to 3rd parties (such as the timing company or bib manufacturer).

To learn more about setting up bib numbers, visit our Help Center.

It’s been a very busy few months introducing features that have improved the way our race organizers manage their events:

We’re excited to offer a full-service registration solution to our race organizers, but we couldn’t have done it without our organizers and participants that provided their feedback throughout the process. So, thanks, and keep the feedback coming!

See you out on the course!