Last week we conducted the first ever Eventbrite Hashup Contest to reward the event that generated the most tweets. PodCamp Boston was the winner with over 3600 hashtagged tweets over the course of the eight days! They used the hash tag #pcb4 and watched as both attendees and want-to-be attendees chattered away about the event over Twitter.

Events are inherently social — people like to talk about them, tell their friends about them, and meet new people at them. In the past, event attendees could only connect at the event, but now Twitter allows them to connect and share opinions before, during, and after the event has long ended. A Twitter hashtag unifies all the discussion around an event, helps people find others who are tweeting about the event and when someone searches for that hashtag, they’ll see all the related messages. Check out as the tweets keep coming in for #pcb4.

This is what Michelle Wolverto from PodCamp had to say about using a Twitter hashtag:

“Twitter gave us a way to communicate fast and easy with each other on the day of the event, especially with the use of our hashtag.  Afterward, it was even easier to track the summary blog posts and photos if people tweeted using the hashtag #pcb4.”

So congrats to Podcamp for generating the most buzz and enjoy your new Eventbrite Flip Cam! Check out upcoming PodCamp events here.

Stay tuned for future Eventbrite Contests and if you want to learn more about using social media tools like Twitter to promote your event, attend our free Webinar: Tapping the Power of Social Media for Event Promotion.