Physical Tickets Call, LeanTicket Answers


If you read Taylor Swift’s editorial on the future of music (and trust us, it was discussed at length in the Eventbrite lunch lines), she suggests that the Instagram generation commemorates events through selfies, rather than ticket stubs and we agree.

However, we know that event organizers have practical purposes for physical tickets. Physical tickets can allow easier ticket allocation to sponsors, brick and mortar outlets, or sub-promoters for distribution.  And in some markets and demographics, attendees prefer to pay cash in-person versus online with a credit card.

So, we are pleased to announce our newest partner, LeanTicket, who has built a physical ticket solution exclusively for Eventbrite!  Through this application, event organizers can now design and order physical tickets that are fully integrated to the Eventbrite ecosystem.  The orders will be tagged as new ticket-types on the Event Dashboard and the tickets will be scannable by our mobile application.

Connecting Eventbrite to LeanTicket is easy, and it reduces your work by importing your event information to the ticket template.



You can edit the text, quantities, prices, dates, and even your event logo!  You can order multiple ticket types at once, such as GA and VIP.

Once ordered, you will notice that a new ticket-type has been created in your event.  The ticket-type is free and hidden so they are not available to the public and will not affect your financial reporting for the event.


With the addition of LeanTicket, we now support print-at-home tickets, mobile e-tickets, and now physical tickets — so, we’re thrilled increase our options with this partnership. Whenever you need to print a batch of physical tickets for your next event, be sure to visit LeanTicket!


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Mitch Colleran

Mitch Colleran

Mitch Colleran is a product manager who looks after Eventbrite Spectrum and the supporting APIs. Find him on Twitter at @Colleran to chat about an increasingly connected web, Eventbrite's approach to platform, or world travel.