Our Partner Philosophy: Putting Users First in Business Development

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Mitch Colleran is Eventbrite’s partner manager. Keep up to date with partnership and API announcements by connecting on Twitter.

There are multiple factors Eventbrite considers when looking into potential partnerships.

Business development varies depending on the company or industry, especially in Silicon Valley. Like any other job function, it’s important to have specific direction and goals. In the spirit of transparency and sharing positive business practices, I want to take a minute to explain Eventbrite’s business development philosophy to help our community know what is driving our decisions.

Any time we get new press, inbound partnership requests increase. If you’ve worked in business development, you know that a lot of these start with a hook like “Mitch – I’d like to discuss an unlimited revenue opportunity,” or it offers to pay handsome referral fees tied to (very) optimistic estimations.

Revenue sharing isn’t wrong, but leading with it as the most compelling reason for a partnership is a red flag for a bad deal. When you’re a growing startup trying to serve an open market, then focus is your best weapon. Revenue shares are tempting because they can be immediate, and well, it’s money — but they can set you up to contradict more important goals.

With that in mind, the most important factor for evaluating integrations and partnerships is their potential to improve the user experience.

Don’t get me wrong; I love brainstorming with fun new startups and established companies. However, if the most compelling reason for partnering is because we’ll be able to monetize the relationship, then we’re not going to be a fit.

We have a handful of exciting announcements coming in the next few weeks. We’re partnering with companies that will make it easier to send beautiful invitations, discover events, or display your events – stay tuned!

Find me on twitter or leave a comment below to connect – our users are the best source of partnership suggestions or feedback!

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Mitch Colleran

Mitch Colleran

Mitch Colleran is a product manager who looks after Eventbrite Spectrum and the supporting APIs. Find him on Twitter at @Colleran to chat about an increasingly connected web, Eventbrite's approach to platform, or world travel.

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