Opening New Doors with the Power of Eventbrite

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It’s cliché to say that a product is “opening new doors.” But, that’s actually what we’re doing with our latest product, Eventbrite At the Door.

We’re harnessing the power of Eventbrite into an on-site ticketing solution. Eventbrite at the Door allows organizers to sell tickets at their event, while using the many features offered in the Eventbrite online experience.

Eventbrite at the Door is complete with a credit card reader, receipt printer and iPad interface. Attendees come to the event, pay with cash or credit, and have their tickets printed within seconds.

When event organizers use At the Door, they will be able to:

  • Sync data automatically with, and view real-time door sales reports alongside online sales;
  • Collect attendee contact and demographic data at the door and integrate it back into attendee reports on;
  • Scan in attendees immediately using our Easy Entry iPhone app, regardless of whether they bought tickets online or at the door;
  • Eliminate time-consuming training with the easy-to-use iPad interface;
  • Work online and offline to sell tickets, even when the Internet isn’t cooperating.

The system also offers top-notch security. Data is encrypted and secure, and it is backed-up so that organizers will never lose it. We also manage fraud risks and fight charge-backs on behalf of users, so they can take credit card payments and still sleep easy.

Eventbrite at the Door sells tickets and gathers data, on-site.

Our friends have been chatting about Eventbrite at the Door the past few weeks, and we’re excited to officially launch it today.

So, what do you think? We’re initially rolling out the product with clients who will sell a significant number of tickets at the door. If you’re interested in testing it out, contact our sales team at 888-541-9753 or

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  • An excellent idea.

    At the recent Nat’l Restaurant Association Expo there were dozens of companies showing iPad POS apps for restaurants.

    The key difference here is that Eventbrite focused its solution specifically on the problems facing event organizers at the point of entry.

    Best wishes for Eventbrite’s continued success.

  • @Gavin – We’re hoping soon. We’re slowly rolling it out to large, U.S. events, but stay tuned. We’ll be sure to announce it here and through our social media channels. Thanks for checking it out!