Eventbrite is thrilled to announce a new program for nonprofit events: Eventbrite for Causes. We wanted to create a program dedicated to helping the nonprofit community further their missions through successful events. Program members will receive dedicated newsletters chock full of resources, and we plan to foster a community where they can easily find and share tips and best practices related to the unique challenges and opportunities of hosting nonprofit events. In addition, there will be a streamlined process for eventholders to obtain a special nonprofit rate. All U.S.-based nonprofits with 501(c)(3) status are eligible to participate in the program.

To join Eventbrite for Causes, go here (you’ll sign up for an Eventbrite account, if you haven’t already). After you’ve applied, we’ll send you an email so that we can get documentation of your nonprofit status, and once we receive that you’ll be good to go!

We feel strongly that our collaboration with nonprofits is one of the best things we can do as a company, and in the coming weeks, we’ll be continuing to spotlight people and organizations who are doing amazing things with nonprofit events. They are constantly coming up with ideas that inspire and humble us. These are several we’ve written about lately. Welcome to Eventbrite for Causes!

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