Now Calling: Our iPhone App for Easy Check In

iPhone Feature 7.27.11

Looking to limit lines at your event? Use the Eventbrite iPhone app for easy entry management.Not long ago, you only used your phone to make calls. Now, you can use it to check people into events.

This week, we released v3.0 of our iOS Entry App. For this release, we overhauled the look and feel and also the underlying nuts and bolts for a better experience. We also included few new features to make checking in attendees simpler, so you can focus on what’s most important – running your event.

Updates include:

  • Smart Sync: Check ins now sync automatically – no more obscure settings to toggle. When an Internet connection is available, check ins are immediately synced with our servers and to any other devices you’re using at the event. If you are in an area with limited reception, the app also supports offline check ins. When connectivity is restored, all offline check ins will be synced automatically.
  • Handsfree scanning: When you scan a barcode, a message will briefly display (enter or stop). There is no longer a need to dismiss an alert popup to continue.
  • Scan in the dark (iPhone 4 only): Users can tap a switch on the scanning screen to toggle the camera’s LED light on/off, which will allow you to scan tickets when there is limited lighting.
  • Repeating Events: Organizers with repeating events will now be able to distinguish the full date and time for each event.
  • Performance/Stability Optimization: The new app better manages large attendee lists.
  • Security: All communication with the back-end now has increased security.

As always, all your attendance data will be stored on our server and accessible in your Eventbrite account for further analysis. To see the app in action, check out this quick tutorial video.

Phew. With all of that, will you ever use your phone to call again?

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  • Glad that it worked out well for your event, Carol! I totally agree on your last point about the phone – when I get my phone bill each month, I’m always shocked how frequently I use my phone to check email, send texts, etc., but never call.

    Thanks for reading!

  • We’ve heard this from many consumers and we’re working on it. Thanks for the feedback and for checking out the blog!

  • we were sold on EventBrite with the knowledge that this feature was available on Droid, the phone that a majority of our managers have. Now, that we’ve subscribed to Eventbrite, we’re being told that it’s only on iPhone, of which we have one manager with an iPhone and expcted attendance of 1000. thanks for the sales pitch!

  • Hi, Lisa: Sorry for the confusion here. We have not yet released a version of this app for the Droid. We want to follow-up on this to apologize and make sure that you’re told all of the proper info and are fully prepped for your event. Could you please give our support team a call (or shoot me an email), and we’ll follow up with you directly? Thanks!

  • Is it possible to use this application to get the attendees at individual sessions, short of asking people to fill out what sessions they want when they sign up for a conference? Would be a useful feature for sponsors interested in following up with people at their sessions. Or is there another Eventbrite app that would cover that? Thanks!

  • @Michael – The only way to do this would be if each session were listed individually. I’ll forward your feedback to the product team, however, and let you know if there is anything else that would help with this! Thanks!

  • At my work we have to use a ticketing system that works with our membership database, and currently we pull a report of attendees from this system and print it, creating a huge check in list. Is there a way for us to combine your app with our ticketing system. Meaning could I take an excel version of our will call list, and import the names and ticket quanities for an event built in your system?

  • @Sara – Thanks for checking out the blog! Our iPhone app works seamlessly with events created in our system, but, unfortunately, there’s no way to bulk add people and you would have to do this manually, one-by-one. This is great insight, though, and I’ve notified the product team about your need!

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to get in touch with our sales team who can help answer any product questions you may have. Their number is 888-541-9753, or shoot an email to sales (at)

  • @MAC This is solely an iPhone app, but we have an Android version on the roadmap. We should be discussing details very soon, so stay tuned! Thanks!