New Year’s Numbers: 5 Stats to Improve Your Event Planning

Our At The Door application shows that most revelers reach the door between 9:00 and 10:00 p.m.

It’s no secret that at Eventbrite, we love data, especially when it helps to make your events stronger.

This week, we looked at some of the stats from New Year’s Eve, one of the biggest event nights of the year. We’re hoping that from the numbers below, you can take these lessons and plan for your next NYE (or any big event). Remember, 2013 is not too far off!

1) NYE event entry peaked at 9:00 and 10:00 p.m.


Our At The Door application shows that most revelers reach the door between 9:00 and 10:00 p.m.

Lesson: Make sure all equipment is properly working and all the proper signage is in place by 8:00 p.m. Have your volunteers and resources on duty at that time, so that early arrivers are moved in quickly and your team isn’t scrambling when the rush comes through.

Check out our recent post on entry management tips for more ideas on getting the line moving.

2) Approximately 10% of tickets are bought on the day of NYE. In addition, approximately 45% of tickets are bought in final week after Christmas Day, leading up to NYE.

Lesson: Start your NYE marketing planning early. If you publish early, and get your marketing out there early, you’ll be ahead of the noise. It can be incredibly powerful to have folks buy their events before the Christmas holiday, and start to share with their friends and encourage them to go. If you sell all of your tickets the week before the big night, it will allow you time to plan for the big stuff, rather than marketing your event last minute. Check out some of our ideas for marketing your event.

3) The number of events published per day peaked in early December

Lesson: If you want to get ahead of the marketing noise, publish your event before Thanksgiving in the U.S., when less than half (30%) of events are live. Remember that you’ll have to keep up the endurance until the week leading up to NYE, but the early publish could give you some early momentum, and will also ensure that the details when creating your event page are already wrapped up in the weeks leading up to NYE, so you’re able to more fully concentrate on marketing your event.

4) The average price of a paid NYE ticket was $75

Lesson: The average ticket price is something to consider when plotting your prices. If you’re planning to sell tickets for more than $100, it might be a good idea to highlight the perks or special services that come with the price. If your tickets are $30 or less, you can market them as an affordable NYE option.

5) 56% of NYE ticket orders are for a quantity of one ticket

Lesson: Most people are likely to buy their own ticket, and then encourage their friends to come along. Make sure that individual ticket sales are an option, and encourage sharing through social media, which we’ve seen helps boost ticket sales to all sorts of events.

Thanks to all of you in our community who used Eventbrite for New Year’s Eve, and Happy New Year! Come back tomorrow when we’ll talk about some of our favorite New Year’s Eve events on the site.

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